The Not-So-Hidden Truth About Compassionate People

We know that the compassionate people who partner with us to release children from poverty are pretty special. That’s why it came as no surprise when our friends at Barna discovered the not-so-hidden truth about people who care for children in extreme poverty.

When Barna surveyed U.S. adults regarding their giving toward global poverty, they found that those of you who donate to help children in extreme poverty are more likely to also exhibit other altruistic behaviors. You give more, volunteer more and pray more. Simply stated: You CARE more.

Check out this insightful infographic from the new Barna report, The Good News About Global Poverty, to see how your acts of compassion are overflowing to other important social causes.

How Compassionate People Care

The Not-So-Hidden Truth About Compassionate People Barna Graph "The More You Care, The More You Care"

We love that these statistics reveal how you are allowing God’s compassion for you to reach out to those in our world who desperately need it. Because being a compassionate person means more than simply being kind and sympathetic. It means embracing someone else’s heartbreak and suffering as your own and then doing something to help.

The external outcomes of our compassionate actions — the child who has healthy future, the family who has shelter during a crisis, the community that has safe water — are undoubtedly correlated to the internal transformation of our hearts.

True compassion changes the way you live, the way you act.

“The Greek word splagchnizomai was used to refer to Jesus’ compassion. It describes more than just an emotion; it also depicts action, a deep stirring in your core that moves you to do something because you can’t sit idly by while the innocent suffer. This action-based understanding of Jesus’ compassion is what fuels our desire to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. ” — Jimmy Mellado, Compassion President and CEO

Whether you sponsor a child, pray for those in need, give money or time to specific causes, or are raising up disciples who care for people in poverty, we want say thank you for living boldly as compassionate people!

This infographic is from the comprehensive research report we commissioned with Barna entitled The Good News About Global Poverty: What Americans Believe About the World’s Poor — and What Churches Can Do to Help. Get a FREE executive overview of the report learn more!

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  1. John and Pat Choate June 30, 2018

    My wife and I have been so blessed by the opportunity to write, pray and give to show our love for our two special girls: Katerin and Dariel. We just love them!

  2. Teketel June 28, 2018

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful events and heart touching pictures

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