Redemption Needed

Remember when I told you about my new job? I’ve been doing it for several months now and so I feel like I’ve gotten a pretty good grip on things. Well … as good a grip as one can have on a job that depends entirely on world events. And oh my word, the world has been eventful lately, hasn’t it?

One of the first things I do each day when I get to work is open up six world news websites. I browse each site for headlines about our 24 field countries to get an idea of what kind of crises I might be reporting that week.

When I’m reading through the headlines, I sometimes get the surreal feeling that I’m getting a tiny glimpse into God’s view of this world. For a few moments, my perspective shifts from my self-centered, ego-centric worldview to one where we are simply a severely broken and hurting creation in desperate need of redemption.

Right now in the United States, we are practically smothered with political ads and news reports about the faltering economy, but really these “issues” pale in comparison to what’s going on in the rest of the world.

Besides the global food crisis (which you’ve probably heard about by now) here’s an idea of what our staff and children on the other side of the globe are currently facing:

  • Thailand and Bolivia are both dealing with political unrest and violent protests of the current government.
  • Haiti and the Dominican Republic are struggling to recover from four successive hurricanes.
  • The Philippines has faced violent political conflict.
  • Burkina Faso has recently had heavy rains and flooding throughout the country.
  • Bangladesh is dealing with continual flooding.

I’m sure there will be more bullet points to add tomorrow. It’s difficult to read the same kinds of headlines day after day, reporting over and over the non-stop fighting, corruption and scandal happening in every corner of the globe. But more than depressing me, it makes me angry. I know who is ultimately responsible for the evil in this world, and I hate him. But I also know it will end someday, and I know how it will end.

And this is what keeps me going.

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  1. Michael September 23, 2008

    Brittany & Amy-
    My wife and I went on our first sponsor tour, and saw first hand what Compassion is doing. We were at the limit of how many children we could afford to sponsor, but still wanted to do more. That’s when I learned about the Advocate’s Network. I couldn’t afford more money, but I could afford to give of my time. Through that experience I have been part of finding sponsors for many children. Please consider (if you haven’t already) doing a Compassion Sunday at your church. That will give you an idea what the Advocate’s Network is all about. I think you’ll find it very rewarding, and you will meet some amazing people.

  2. Becky September 23, 2008

    Brittany, I think his reasoning (if you can call it that) goes something like this …

    I know I’m doomed, so I’m going to take as many down with me as I can.

  3. Brittany September 23, 2008

    It is a great feeling to know that God will win in the end…but it makes me wonder why would the evil one even TRY if he knows how it’s going to end??

    Amy: I understand how you feel…I want to give so much but at the same time I have other financial responsibilities too. It’s frustrating.

  4. Amy Brooke September 22, 2008

    Yes, isn’t it good to know how it will end. But at the same time God calls us to be active in helping those around us. I am reading a book by Gary Haugen (and giving one away on my blog) called Just Courage.

    In it he writes: “We must seek to rescue our neighbors with dedication and urgency with which we would go about trying to rescue our own family or even ourself. In a world of injustice, loving intervention on behalf of the oppressed is simple obedience to Jesus’ must fundamental command to love our neighbor.

    It makes me wonder if I am doing enough. I know there is a cap on what we can give to one child, but as I thought about it, I wondered, “If my family was in need, would I only send $32 a month?”

    But at the same time, I do have bills to pay.

    But I am feeling restless, like God is calling me to more.

  5. Michael September 22, 2008

    We sponsor several children in the Dominican Republic, and my family is in the process of adopting an orphan from Haiti. We have been to the DR in January, and Haiti in February. While we were in Haiti there were terrible food riots, because prices had nearly doubled in a period of 4 months. When we returned to the U.S. we were shocked to learn that very few people we aware of what was going on. Things are much worse now. Thanks for digging up the news that is so important, yet not readily accessible.

  6. Juli Jarvis September 22, 2008

    Thanks Becky — This is excellent to read about. I appreciate these links too —

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