You Give It to Them

One evening I accompanied a friend to visit an evangelist and his family. I took with me a small purse in which I kept my ID card and a fifty Birr note ($20 U.S. at the time). It was the only money I had until the next pay day, which was two weeks away.

We found the evangelist and his family at home. He was living with his wife, three children, and his younger sister. They were quiet, and everyone’s face was pale. We did not know what had happened, but we could feel something wasn’t right.

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After chatting for a few minutes, we left the house to go home, and the man followed to see us off. While we were walking to the gate, a voice from inside my heart said to me, “Give him the fifty Birr.” I said no, because it was the only money I had.

The voice became even stronger: “Give it to him. Give it.” I said to myself, “It is a very small amount. What can he do with it?”

It was like the story in Luke 9:13–17, where Jesus said to the disciples, “You give them something to eat.” Somehow I obeyed and gave it to him. After that, I felt joy in my heart, a joy I still have not forgotten.

Later on, I heard the evangelist’s testimony about the fifty Birr. He told how he could not provide for his family and how the money was used to buy food for the children and the rest of the family. My friend did not know what happened to me, but I understood that she was driven by the Holy Spirit to transport me and the fifty Birr to the needy family.

Sometimes we do things we do not understand because they are known only to the Lord. This is what our ministry does.

It encourages and serves by providing the means for giving whatever small amount we have, which becomes a lifesaving amount for another person who is precious in the eyes of the Lord.

He replied, “You give them something to eat.” —Luke 9:13, NIV

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for leading Compassion to reach the multitudes. Help us to trust and obey You in the small things as much as the big ones.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Melkamua Bolanco is a Ministry Services Manager in our Ethiopian office.

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  1. Gail April 25, 2012

    This made me smile. I love how God chooses to work through His servants to answers prayers when He could so easily make bread appear. It’s such a blessing to share with others.

    Thanks Melkamua for sharing your story of obediance.

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