Singing for Jesus at Easter

Tabitha leans on the table and writes to her sponsor about how she and her family will celebrate Easter.

She is the younger of two children in a family with a strong Christian background. Her father is an evangelist and singer, and recently released his second album.

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In one of his songs, Tabitha’s father defines Easter as the celebration of Jesus’ sacrificial death for humanity. This joint passion for the gospel and music is something Tabitha’s father passed on to her.

Next to Tabitha sits another girl of the same age, Roussina. The two girls have been friends since grade one and share many things, including plans for Easter.

Roussina’s father is a driver. He is a Muslim, but he does not prevent his children and their mother from going to church. Roussina’s mother hopes her husband will come to know Jesus.

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As the girls write Easter letters to their sponsors, they cheerfully discuss the activities they will carry out with their families, at church and at their child development center.

Roussina and Tabitha formed a duet a few years ago. For several months, they interpreted popular Christian songs into their own style. On Sundays, they are given a five-minute performance time.

What started as a mere desire to sing quickly turned into a real passion.

Some months after they formed the duet, Dipama joined them. They also added a fourth member, Farida.

Farida is not enrolled in our program, but regularly attends church and joined the group because she has a beautiful voice.

This four-member band is known in the church as La Fleur de l’Eternel, which is French for The Flower of the Lord.

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The talent and devotion of these four little girls prompted our staff to contact a music coach to help them become a professional band. Through the coach’s lessons, they learn a lot about how to master their voices and breathing.

This year, thanks to the music coach, the girls will sing a wonderful song at church for Easter.

The girls in the band know they do not need to wait to become professional singers to sing for their Lord. They know that singing about Jesus’ resurrection will not require more than they already have — the will and the talent.

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  1. joanne March 28, 2013

    i enjoy reading these posts how Compassion is changing so many lives of children, their parents/guardians. it is a blessing to be part of this. i wish i could sponsor all the children and teenagers, young adults whose profile is given.

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