Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child Here’s some marketing rah-rah for ya. Well … it’s not really rah-rah, but it IS marketing pure and simple.

This is our newest toy, and we’re really excited about how it can help get more children sponsored. Hope you like, use it and share it.

One for Facebook …

Click here to get the sponsor a child widget for Facebook
Get the sponsor a child widget for Facebook.

… and one for everywhere else

Get this widget!

Play with the other toys in our toy box.

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  1. Heather January 30, 2009

    Just added this to my Facebook also! 🙂

  2. Andrew Z. April 28, 2008

    On the other page the last 5 banners don’t show properly in the popular Firefox 3.0 beta 5: I just see “Dig Deeper” unless I switch to Internet Explorer 6.

  3. Andrew Z. April 28, 2008

    I noticed the widgets here and the banners on compassion.com. My suggestion is to make banners and widgets in the standard IAB ad unit dimensions which are used by Google and others. Why? Beyond any kind of research that went into developing these specific sizes, many blog and web site templates are designed to accommodate these dimensions.

    Also, only half the widgets seem really “clickable” having obvious buttons. Along these lines, the “everywhere else” widget uses a really weak-blue-color link. On my blog, I increased my banner CTRs by switching from a non-blue to a strong, standard color blue link, but YMMV. 🙂

    Just my two cents. 🙂

  4. jen April 26, 2008

    That’s awesome! I am definitely adding that to my Facebook and I just put on of the new “ads” on my blog. Thanks for making these available to bloggers!

  5. Anna April 26, 2008

    Awesome! I just added it to my Facebook.

  6. Debra Frost April 26, 2008

    Thanks, this was just what I was looking for to advertise on Facebook!

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