Does My Sponsored Child Know My Name?

sponsored child Do the children we sponsor know how much they mean to us? Do they know our name?

You can also view Does My Sponsored Child Know My Name? on YouTube.

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    Todd September 10, 2014

    This would be so awesome, if you could visit with your child via the internet.

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    carlene August 4, 2014

    Having trouble logging in to my child account. What should I do.

    1. Susan Sayler
      Susan Sayler August 5, 2014

      Hi Carlene! I work for Compassion and I would be happy to help you but regrettably I was unable to locate your account from your email address. Please email us at or call 800-336-7676 and we will make sure you can get into your account.

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        abenezertemesgen July 26, 2017

        hey susan my name is Abenezer Temesgen. am from Ethiopia. & I went to know my sponsor address. her name is ms.margo core. please help me to find her.

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          Shannon July 26, 2017

          Hello Abenezer,
          Thank you for reaching out to Compassion. Regrettably,we are not able to give you the direct address of your sponsor. If you would like to get in touch with Margo, you will need to write a letter through Compassion. Thank you for understanding!

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    Judy Moyer August 1, 2014

    Today is my sponsored child, Eden’s birthday, August 1st…She would like me to come to Ethiopia to see her…I sure would love to…maybe on her 18th…in 4 years…

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    margaret July 30, 2014

    It did hurt when a child I was sponsoring through Compassion didn’t know my name, even after 17 letters I sent to her. She kept using the name of a previous sponsor. I ended that sponsorship reluctantly and I believe the fault was with the field office not the child. That’s the first occurrence of this happening for me in 25 years of sponsorship and it hasn’t happened since. ALL my kids know my name and can feel the love I have for them. I wouldn’t want it any different!

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