Fall, Football … and Fasting?

thanksgiving pies

What would it look like if you spent the next month or so consuming less, so that when Thanksgiving arrives, you’ll have a renewed sense of what it is like to truly be thankful?

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Fasting and Feasting at the Table

Green, purple and pink marshmallow chicks

As we ate our final Lenten meal, anticipating the feast of Easter Sunday, the grand mystical celebration of life breaking past death, I felt content. Thankful.

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black bean salad in red bowl

Sharing a Place at Our Table

Inspired by Chris Seay’s book, “A Place at the Table,” the Pina family decided to fast from certain foods. For 40 days they are eating the same foods that their sponsored Nicaraguan child eats.

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man and woman smiling and sitting with three children

What Distracts Your Place at the Table?

Nate and his family are just over halfway through a 40-day “A Place at the Table” journey of eating what their sponsored child in Haiti eats. They’ve been eating rice, beans, chicken, avocados, bananas and oranges.

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cup of coffee with milk foam design

How Would You Define Your Relationship with Food?

In A Place At The Table, author Chris Seay proposes that we spend 40 days in a fast with a unique twist: eat what our sponsored child eats. And in the process, recapture gratitude and a sense of solidarity with the poor.

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little girl sitting at a table eating rice and beans from a green plate with a blue cup beside her

Will You Take a Place at the Table?

Pastor Chris Seay invites you on a journey. A 40-day journey that will disrupt your habits and your rituals. A journey that will help you identify and connect with the poor and the suffering — the ones Jesus loves.

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