How to Be an Effective Social Media Slacktivist

We shout at the world from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with indignation. We share our opinions and links to news stories we think everyone needs to see. We change our profile pictures in support of the victims. Anything to say to the world: I care. This. This matters!

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Human Trafficking Awareness: Time to Pray and Act

Let the pain of trafficking around the world seep into your heart. Then channel your outrage at injustice – pray and act.

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A Young Activist

Young activists The problems of the Filipino youth are real – delinquency, early pregnancy, drug addiction, prostitution and gangs. In the crammed squatter community of Escopa in metropolitan Manila, these social ills are a way of life.

Kenh is one of the young people living in Escopa, and today he has a chance to help solve these problems. Kehn, 16, was recently elected as one of his neighborhood’s youth officers, and already he has initiated the distribution of free bags, pencils and papers to little children, using local government funds.

“I believe that education is the key to helping the youth and straightening their lives,” he says. “If only they will stay in school, then they will be drawn away from youthful evils.”

Kenh’s involvement with the local Youth Council is political in nature, but poverty is not just political rhetoric for Kenh. It is reality.

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