From Alcoholism to Economic Freedom

Economic Freedom Featured

The proceeds of East India’s Compassion Sunday campaign bring the promise of a confident future to eight Child Survival Program fathers and their family members.

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Learning How to Be a Good Mother

woman with children standing outside house

When Jenny became an adolescent, she faced early motherhood, conceiving her first child before she was 15. Inexperienced as a mother — and emotionally and financially unstable -– she sought refuge in alcohol.

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A boy in a blue shirt with a river behind him

What Would You Ask God?

If you could ask God anything — absolutely anything — what would it be? Sponsored children sit down with us and share their questions for God.

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group of children looking down at camera

The Trouble with Carnival is…

Seen from afar, Carnival in Brazil is truly beautiful, and it’s possible to understand why tourists from around the world come. But if you look closer, you will see another scenario.

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A shanty-style house in Guatemala

What If This Was the Fate of Your Letters?

After taking a trip to Guatemala with Compassion, sponsor and ministry advocate Julie Berger felt a responsibility to protect all other sponsors from what she experienced. Let her explain…

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crucified Christ

Son of the High Chief

The son of the High Chief, knowingly or not, showed his friends an image of what Jesus Christ did for each of us when He went to the cross. He stood between them and the evil one, who wanted to hurt them.

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Two brothers in blue striped shirts

Keeping Dreams Alive in the Midst of Hardship

Cobán is beautiful city, but plagued by major issues like extreme poverty, alcoholism and drug trafficking. Poverty is rampant in Cobán, with 61 percent of its population living in poverty and 26 percent in extreme poverty. Lack of education and job opportunities, large families and high-priced food are just some of the reasons for the poverty in Cobán.

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