What Happens When an Unsponsored Child Needs Emergency Care?

A boy with a patch over his eye smiles.

Here’s how ministry supporters helped Compassion to step in and offer support for 4-year-old Yoskiel and his family in Indonesia when he was diagnosed with eye cancer at age 3 — just a few months after he joined our program and didn’t yet have a sponsor.

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Why Abel Never Lost Hope During His Cancer Battle

Abel, a boy who recently won a cancer battle, smiles at the camera. He is wearing a red sweater

Jonah and the whale. Daniel and the lion’s den. Esther saving her people. David facing Goliath. These are all beloved Bible stories for children and are guaranteed to come up when you ask a Sunday school class what their favorite stories are. One story you would not expect to be a 13-year-old’s favorite is the story of Job and his suffering. But for Abel, there was deep meaning in Job’s story.

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A girl puts her arms around a woman and man.

A Tender Story About the Power of Letters

When Luis Angel was 7 years old, he received his first letter from a loving couple who had begun sponsoring him. Thrilled to know someone was praying for him, Luis embraced each word from every letter he got until his departure to heaven. (more…)

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a hand lighting a white candle

Kaitlin’s Wish: How to Make a Wish Come True

Because Kaitlin was a child fighting a terminal disease, she was granted one special wish. But Kaitlin was no ordinary young woman and her one wish will allow the wishes of children around the world to come true for generations.

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smiling young lady near railroad tracks

Never More Loved

Leah looked for more and more reasons to stay away from her abusive home. She ended up joining a gang and did what they did just to have a sense of family.

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smiling young man wearing a white shirt

From Negative to Positive Motivation

Rowel kept telling himself, “I’m going to be rich someday, and when I grow up I am going to show everyone in my neighborhood, especially my father, that I am good for something.”

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Man with sunglasses holding on to a child in a blue shirt with a black backpack

The Day Big Papi Came to Town

Carl was the last to get on his horse, and he realized that the entire village had come out to watch him mount up. “Big Papi!” they chanted as they all laughed.

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a girl smiling

Kaitlin’s Legacy

Kaitlin was just a normal 16-year-old girl living in Alberta, Canada, when she was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. So when the Children’s Wish Foundation approached her to make a wish — a wish that would bring just a little relief and light into a girl’s days that were marked by trial — her wish was shocking.

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child holding hand on forehead

A Big-picture Perspective

Becky is going through a difficult time right now. Her husband has survived cancer twice, but the doctors have found another spot on his lung. Scared that the cancer has returned, she described her feelings to me.

“I remember walking around the office and thinking ‘Does anyone know that my world has collapsed today? Does anyone even care?’”

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