“It’s For the Kids”

child wearing blue shirt and baseball cap

Why do we do all we do for children? We do it because every child matters and every single child is worth fighting for!

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Children Speak the Truth

group of people during staff meeting

Sometimes the lessons we set for those we love are the very lessons the Lord has set for us to learn from. Are we listening?

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child praying

The Prayers of a Sponsored Child

Sponsored children pray and ask God for direction, for someone to love them, for provision — for more of Him. How different (or similar) are your prayers?

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group of girls walking away

Saving My Generation

Jochebed faced risks and challenges when she sent her baby down the Nile. Today, we preach Jesus to children or teenagers, and that involves risks and challenges, too.

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group of children working on art projects

We Need to Be Kids Again

It was not for nothing that Jesus used the example of children to show the spiritual receptivity needed to enter His kingdom.

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Man with his arms around two boys

Introducing Your Children to Poverty: When Should You Start?

On our Compassion tours, parents often bring their teenagers but rarely their younger children. Which raises the question: When should we start teaching our kids about poverty and exposing them to the needs in the world around them?

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man wearing a gray shirt

Defining Moments

In this video, our president, Wess Stafford, describes a simple moment he witnessed that epitomizes the kind of action that can cause a child’s confidence to skyrocket. As you watch it, we hope it brings to mind similar experiences in your life that you will share with us!

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Small children huddled together smiling.

Treasure the Children

Jesus’ disciples asked Him which of them would be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:1). Clearly they were still expecting an earthly kingdom and wondering what high positions they might hold.

In response, Jesus took a little child, who had no rights under the Law, and stood him in their midst.

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