5 Reasons Why Children Are the Heart of Compassion

There are a lot of ways to fight poverty and share the love of Jesus. At Compassion, we focus on children. They are the heart of everything we do. Here are five reasons why.

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Remembering Our Friend Luis Palau

Luis Palau preaching to a huge audience in Buenos Aires. He is standing on a stage holding a hand in the air and wearing a blue shirt and white pants.

Luis Palau went to be with the Lord on March 11, 2021. He was 86 years old.

For more than 65 years, Palau preached, taught and wrote about the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Originally from Argentina, Palau always had a big heart for the Spanish-speaking world. As the Lord blessed his ministry, he shared the clear Christian faith in 80 nations and to an estimated 1 billion people through his citywide festivals, television programs, radio programs and writings.

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5 Ways to Teach Children About the Needs of Others

5 Ways to Teach Children About the Needs of Others

Appreciating the abundance we’ve been given can help us and our children gain a perspective that empowers us to live generously.

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what is partnership

What is Partnership?

Partnership is at the center of what we do at Compassion — we not only partner with you, our sponsors and donors, but also with the local church around the world. So it’s worth understanding what we mean by partnership and how we do it.

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two young ladies wearing fancy dresses

A Conversation With My Childhood Self

A message every child needs to hear is, “Jesus loves you and He won’t ever leave you. He won’t ever let you down.”

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group of girls eating

Nutrition and the Potential in Children

The importance of nutrition is clear: Proper nutrition means better health, the ability for children to concentrate and learn in school, and the needed energy for people to work and earn an income.

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young smiling girl next to a large bush

Shame on Us Grownups

Children are valuable to God and His creation. They are worthy of our attention, resources, time and most importantly, love.

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Small child standing outside by a wood building

Rescuing the Future

The people who suffer the most from extreme poverty are children. These children are the reason why we need to speak up for those who are unable to speak for themselves.

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World Poverty Day Poster

World Poverty Day: Will You Share the Need?

One billion children world-wide lack basic needs such as food, shelter and clean water. Please share today, World Poverty Day, how blessed we are and how great the need is.

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group of children sitting in hay

There’s More Hay to Haul

UNICEF recently announced that the number of children dying from preventable diseases around the world has dropped dramatically. But there’s more hay to haul.

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group of smiling children

Don’t Believe the Lies

The Enemy wants us to lose hope. He wants us to feel as disempowered and discouraged as the children we’re trying to rescue.

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Wess Stafford

Be a Solution of Hope

Wess Stafford knew he was called to be the bridge between two worlds who need each other. In this webcast, Wess calls himself, “one focused dude” and continues to give everything to his calling to release children from poverty.

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