Do My Letters Make a Difference?


These few pictures from our moments with these children and their families in Ecuador don’t do it justice. Their emotions were raw and filled with such optimism and hope. A hope given to each of them in the words and truth found in your written words.

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The Definitive Guide to Compassion Blogger Trips

Definitive Guide to Compassion Blogger Trips

Take a dive into the who, what, where, when, how, why of Compassion Bloggers Trips. And learn how to follow us on our trip to Ecuador this weekend with a reveal our our newest social media channel!

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Compassion Bloggers Ecuador 2016

A Pilgrimage to Ecuador

We’re committed to taking this pilgrimage to show you the beauty and poverty of Ecuador. We go to see, to know, to touch, to understand – with an openness of heart and mind – the shared journey we all have as children of God.

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boy holding letter

When Compassion Becomes a Gold Rush

How do you abandon a child to poverty when you’ve looked right into the begging whites of his eyes?

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when does a boy become a man

When Does a Boy Become a Man?

A boy becomes a man when he understands and consistently demonstrates through humble surrender to God that the Lord’s strength abounds in human frailty.

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man sitting on bus

And The Church Grows

George was teaching the bible and some people came and poured gasoline on him. He kept preaching. They told him to stop or they would light a match. He kept preaching.

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seeds sitting on top of soil

The Planting Is So Very Good

Barring something totally unexpected, Sophie will never witness the harvest of the seeds she planted in Ecuador. But, she is no less invested in the outcome just because she may not see it in person.

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