25 Children in Poverty Share Encouraging Messages for Hard Times

Antonio is wearing a blue shirt and red shorts. He is standing outside with a rice field behind him and he is holding up a sign that says God Bless You.

After one of the most challenging years of their young lives, children from all over the world still have inspiring messages of hope.

Just as their families and Compassion tutors have supported them through the struggles caused by the pandemic, the children have handwritten, heartfelt signs of encouragement to share with YOU. Their message — from Nicaragua to Tanzania, Bangladesh to Ecuador — is beautiful: You are loved, you are not alone, and you will get through this.

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We Are Called to Be Encouragers

called to be encouragers

We live in a fallen world, and the Enemy provides endless opportunities for us to be discouraged and fearful. So it makes sense that the Word of God, our spiritual armor, is filled with examples of people encouraging others.

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silhouette of person with arms outstretched

I Still Have You

In a world where texting, tweeting and re-tweeting have become all but the norm, four simple words delivered the “old fashioned way” humbled one sponsor: “I still have you.”

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Wess Stafford with Haitian family

Oneness: A Place of Genuine Encouragement

God and the people encouraged Joshua. The biggest encouragement for anyone is confirmation from God and the people around him.

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girl standing outside of home made of mud

A Sponsor’s Letter Inspires a Child’s Dream

In a community where the size of land, number of children and herds of cattle define one’s worth, Suyianga’s family is considered among the lowliest in the community. But today Suyianga is more confident about himself as a result of the encouraging letters he receives from his sponsor.

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words of encouragement

Words of Encouragement are Always Needed

Even though you smell like sewage on the outside, you smell like Jesus on the inside.

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teen girl holding letter and photo

Sponsor Letters: A Source of Encouragement and Hope

The Damasco Student Center has given Karen the opportunity to make a good friend thousands of miles away — her sponsor, Kyoung. Every letter from Kyoung is a valuable treasure to Karen containing messages of hope, encouragement and love.

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man wearing a gray shirt

Defining Moments

In this video, our president, Wess Stafford, describes a simple moment he witnessed that epitomizes the kind of action that can cause a child’s confidence to skyrocket. As you watch it, we hope it brings to mind similar experiences in your life that you will share with us!

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men sitting at desks

How Valuable Is a Little Encouragement in a Person’s Life?

Now a successful man who owns a large egg-selling business, Wolly Towoliu was once known as a little boy who had a very bad attitude. Wolly liked to hit his friends, sometimes even with stones. His mother once even said, “It would be better if you just went to the forest. I can’t stand any more of your attitude.”

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