World Class Competence

As the success of our ministry continues to increase, the world will be looking at us more and more closely. Will they find a group of ill-informed, self-seeking people striving for personal success, or will they find Christ at the center of all we do?

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Complacent Christianity Never Achieves Anything

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As our ministry works to build on a culture of trust, oneness, empowerment and a pursuit of excellence in everything we do, who do you think is working against us? That’s why it’s so important that we do not fall into complacent Christianity. Instead, we need to be cognizant Christians.

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How Do We Preserve the Integrity of Our Programs?

With programs in 25 countries, many people wonder how we maintain the excellence and good stewardship of our operations around the world. In addition to annual external audits, we ensure the highest integrity in our programs through internal auditing.

Internal auditing, both in the development centers and country offices, is designed to determine how well our operations are running and to identify weaknesses that are causing goals and objectives to go unmet.

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God’s Little Girl Strives for Excellence

Excellence is answering God’s call to the best of our abilities with the gifts and resources He has given us. It is carrying out God’s work with an attitude of enjoyment.

Thanks to the Leadership Development Program* (LDP), Talita is living in the best moment of her life, not only professionally, but also spiritually. Her life story is about striving for excellence. Her dedication makes her an example to be followed by others and a reference of struggle and Christian character.

Petite and delicate, 20-year-old Talita teaches the 5- and 6-year-olds at her former child development center. God, the Father, has made her a great woman.

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The public system of education in Brazil is full of contrast. The best universities are public, and to be accepted in to one, the student has to have a good and strong education during high school. But when talking about a young person who’s attended a public school, the odds are small.

Public schools are the worst ones and rarely prepare for the next step. Besides all the hardship and risks children in poverty have to face, their academic and professional path can be compromised due to the lack of good education.

Talita attended a public school in her town, Tauá, a small city about 330 kilometers from Fortaleza – the capital of Ceará state. But different from most of the students of lower class who barely finish their studies in order to get a job and help their families, she devoted herself – and still does – to study. She overcame the statistics and got a vacancy in a public university – the “Universidade Estadual do Ceará” (University of Ceará State). (more…)

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Finding Excellence in the Little Things

You can also view Strive for Excellence, along with all of our other videos, on YouTube.

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