How Does Compassion Prevent Child Departures?

A group of 12 children sit on the ground in a line, smiling. They sit on concrete ground, in front of a corrugated metal sheet and wood wall.

When a sponsored child has to depart our program early, It can be heartbreaking for the Compassion center staff and sponsors who have invested so much love into their lives. Read how our church partners across Honduras are responding to the unique struggles the families they serve face in order to keep children in the program.

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How to Beat Food Insecurity with Chickens, Gardens and Moms

How to Beat Food Insecurity With Chickens, Gardens and Moms

Since many of our centers in Central America are no strangers to extreme drought, our field office staff in each country works with the churches to develop sustainable solutions tailored for their own communities. In times of emergencies or in cases of extreme malnutrition, our student centers distribute meals, food packages and nutritional supplements. But training and education also offers unique opportunities to promote long-lasting change and a decreased reliance on food aid.

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Farm to Table Borisut

From Farm to Table: What Safe Food Means to One Child

World Health Day is April 7 and this year’s focus is food safety. More than 200 diseases are caused by unsafe food containing harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses and chemical substances. Helping meet the physical needs of the children in our program, and of their communities, sometimes means having to find healthy food sources. Often, farm to table is the best solution possible. This is where little Borisut comes in. He is a sponsored child in Thailand’s rural northern region. And we’d like you to hear his perspective on how farm-to-table living has benefited not only his family but also his entire community.

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Life Lesson from a Tomato (Not Bob)

The children at the Santa Lucía student center are learning some valuable life lessons from growing their own tomatoes.

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One Child Sponsorship Helps an Entire Family

Awany knew he would have to continue struggling to provide for the other three children and his wife; but he underestimated how much the Child Sponsorship Program would help his entire family.

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good harvest

Investing in a Good Harvest

Despite Martin’s hard work and a good harvest, he remained unable to provide adequately for his family. With nearly every harvest he would lose all of his profit to the market money lenders from whom he buys his seeds and equipment.

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The Planting Is So Very Good

Barring something totally unexpected, Sophie will never witness the harvest of the seeds she planted in Ecuador. But, she is no less invested in the outcome just because she may not see it in person.

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Income generating activities tree

Creating Sustenance in a Thirsty Land

Our staff saw an opportunity where many did not, and went all-out to prove that something good could come from thirsty soil.

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A Microlending Leader Emerges: Yamsuk’s Life After Sponsorship

“I am very proud to work alongside the villagers. I sacrifice myself, my knowledge and my time into the savings groups. All my work wasn’t wasted. But it is growing and it can help poor villagers.” — Yamsuk

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Bearing Good Fruit

The ministry that Compassion does around the world is development. And, just as in farming, we do what we do for the outcomes—the fruit—not for the activities themselves. A farmer doesn’t grow trees because it’s good to grow trees; he grows trees in order to get the apples. At Compassion, we don’t busy ourselves with activities, because the activities are good, but because we want to see an outcome of our labor—good fruit.

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What is Want? (Understanding Want)

Hunger and want are so unreal and unknown to us that we don’t even blink an eye at it because the want in the world is unknown or not personal to us.

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