What is Forgiveness?

what is forgiveness

Once a victim of horrendous sexual, physical and emotional abuse, Sylane Mack shares with passion, vulnerability and even with humor, about the unfailing love of Jesus that has completely, outrageously transformed her into living freely as “more than a conqueror.”

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Measuring with Mercy

A mom measuring fabric in the Dominican Republic

With a very broken heart, Nancy’s life-changing journey began. The Lord revealed to her that she used two very different yardsticks to measure His gifts of mercy and grace.

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man teaching Sunday school lesson to children

Pray for Your Sponsored Child: Growth in Grace

Thank God for the church members and ministry staff who can take part in discipling our sponsored children. Pray that your sponsored child will grow in their knowledge of Christ, as well as grow deeper and deeper in His grace.

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large group of people gathered outside a church

A Great Finish from a Slow Start

Are you discouraged because the work that God has called you to do is off to a slow start? Remember some of our most wonderful inventions got off to slow starts.

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girls sitting outside playing with dolls

The Gift of Grace

God, in His mercy and grace, grants us salvation through His Son’s sacrifice, and the one and only thing we have to do is believe.

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group of graduates

Scholarship and Spirituality

Live out the very nature of God’s character in an excellent manner. Be the summa cum laude of godliness, kindness, and humility.

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a red rose

Actively Extend Grace

Be challenged today to extend grace to someone. Don’t just pray. Do something. It can be the difference between life and death for a hurting soul.

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three smiling boys

His Grace: My Doorway to Compassion Ministry

Compassion is my name, my pride, my rope, and my hope for many. Joyous? Yes. Blessed? Indeed, just because of His grace.

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man and woman handing out bags of food

Nam Jai (Water From the Heart)

The term nam jai (water + heart) means “water from the heart” and is used to describe genuine acts of kindness. It implies that these acts of kindness are done without any expectations — with no strings attached.

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Grace Stops Violence and Heals the Wounds of History

As the gospel exemplifies the power of redemptive grace, people are given the power to break not only the cycle of poverty, but also the cycle of violence.

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boy staring at camera

Confessing to Something That Probably Means I’m Human

The poverty in my life is emotional and spiritual. The poverty in the lives of the kids you sponsor and the kids we’re meeting here in Kenya is that and more.

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Meet Compassion Rwanda’s Eugene Bahire

As birds sing morning songs to begin their days, Eugene Bahire, in charge of Tours and Visits at Compassion’s Rwanda office, starts his day with a morning prayer at 5:30 and prepares himself for work.

He leaves home at 6:30 a.m. and takes 45 minutes to reach his office.

After morning devotions with all Compassion Rwanda staff, which normally start at 8 a.m. and last an hour, he shifts his focus to Tours and Visits communications. Rwandan man standing in front of building

“I make sure that I have enough relevant information about the child before confirming a visit date for a sponsor or a tour.

“Having gotten the news that a child will be visited on a certain date, the student center social worker visits the child’s home ahead of time to prepare the family members or guardians living with the child, and of course some preparations are made at the student center as well.”

Eugene enjoys his job, which he longed for even while he was still at the university.

“Ever since my university time, my ambitions were to work for a Christian organization, and so this is an absolute answer of prayer to me.

“I am always happy and motivated to advocate for people in times of need, and I enjoy learning about different cultural values.”

Gifted with cultural diversity, mostly resulting from his country’s (Rwanda) history, Eugene was born in Uganda in 1976, where he had his primary education. He later moved to join his brother who was living in Kenya, and from there had his junior secondary education. (more…)

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