Strangers Shared the Love to Mend Her Broken Heart

This past Valentine’s Day, 12-year-old Irene in Burkina Faso had a broken heart. But she wasn’t the only one. In fact, her mom, dad, brother, grandmother, aunt and her friends felt hopeless and grieved. They all believed this radiant and loving young girl might soon die.

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The Remarkable Boy With More Than One Heart

Noah, a young boy in Ghana, felt like his chest was ripping. His heart wasn’t working properly and he needed God to make a way for him.

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Four Sponsor Sacrifices of the Heart

The monthly cost of sponsorship requires sacrifices — eating out less often, engaging in recreational activities less frequently, and so on. But we make other, less recognized sacrifices, and they do cost us something.

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Do I Really Trust?

God is completely trustworthy and always good. And no matter what our circumstances, we can trust Him.

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You Saved a Life

One of the benefits Rossy received as a sponsored child was a medical checkup. It was during her first medical checkup that the doctor identified a suspicious murmur in her heart.

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Extreme Makeover: Heart Edition

extreme makeover heart edition I am a sucker for reality TV. Seriously, if someone is weighing himself or trying to win a quick-fire cooking challenge or ripping down a house on TV, I’m there.

But I’ve got to tell you, working at Compassion spoils you for pop culture. Suddenly everything is in perspective.

Before starting my job here, I used to love Extreme Home Makeover. I loved seeing the crazy kitchens, the creative design and the happy people. I would cry with them when they yelled with Ty, “Bus driver, move that bus!” And I still do love the heart of helping and generosity it is spreading.

But since being daily faced with the realities of the majority world, I can’t help but be distressed by our sometimes-trend toward bigger is better and more is more attitude. We seem to be in a never-ending game of one-upmanship.

I don’t personally think there’s anything inherently wrong or sinful about a big house. What is dangerous is the subtle message we are ingesting that if our homes aren’t big, if they aren’t new, if they aren’t decked with the trendiest design, it’s a reason to shake our heads shamefully. We can begin to look around at what we have and think, “This isn’t that great” when we compare it to the over-the-top luxury we see.

It’s sad. We have so much! Think of Joshua’s home in Indonesia.

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Would You Immerse Yourself in Extreme Poverty to Get a Job?

You know when you go on a mission trip that is a completely life-changing experience, and you come back all fired up? You just stared injustice in the face and realized you can actually do something about it. Your life takes on new purpose. You know that feeling?

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