The Heroes of Rollaball

man on the street with a soccer ball

Real heroes aren’t always known for their physical strength. In many cases, they are people who, instead of power, possess a visible weakness but inspire us because of the courage they demonstrate in the midst of their vulnerability.

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Here’s to the Heroes Helping Rebuild Haiti

Haitian man wearing construction helmet

Two years ago, the earth violently shook in Haiti. It destroyed cities, claimed lives, and separated families. And, like heroes, we responded.

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man standing in Honduran classroom

Undercover With Compassion

I have been feeling challenged lately to get closer to the heart of Compassion, where we interact with sponsors, churches and children. I recently read a quote from a top executive of a large retail chain (I can’t remember which one — maybe Best Buy). He said, “I have never wasted a day visiting a store.” So, I arranged a trip to Honduras where I spent six days at two different child development centers in the central zone of the country … the Honduras Country Office did a marvelous job of setting this trip up so that I could be a regular guy without any fanfare or protocol.

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