5 Ways Compassion’s Internship Program Shows Faith in the Next Generation

10 young people form the word 'Compassion' using their hands.

Narcissistic. Entitled. Lazy. Although there is no scientific evidence suggesting that words like these describe millennials and Gen Z’s, they are too often the characteristics associated with the youngest generation. However, not everyone feels this way about the next generation. How does Compassion reflect an attitude of respect and optimism toward the next generation? While there are many ways, here are the top five described by past and present interns.

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10 Things to Expect of an Internship at Compassion

10 Things to Expect of an Internship at Compassion

Compassion interns come from all across the globe (representing 17 states and four countries in my summer) with unique gifts and talents. No two interns come from the same background or have the same story. However, we all experienced some commonalities, and I’d like to give you a glance as to what that looked like for us. If you’re thinking about interning at Compassion, I’d definitely encourage you to apply. Take a gander at these 10 things you can expect of an internship at Compassion and you’ll see why…

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Is a Nonprofit Internship the Best Choice for You?

In my eyes, the trade-off of tan lines for résumé lines wasn’t worth it if there wasn’t any eternal value, purpose or opportunity for growth in summer internship assignments. My advisors stressed the importance of interning, but I kept shying away from surrendering one last summer in the sun to the corporate world. That is, until I started looking within the nonprofit sector.

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Trust Maia Hug

Nothing But Trust

Why should you trust Compassion International with the child you sponsor? Summer Intern Julie Willian shares her journey of first-time sponsorship.

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compassion summer intern veronica kelly

Compassion Summer Intern: Putting a Face on Poverty

Every summer, 20 university students enroll in our 10 1/2-week internship program for the opportunity to gain professional experience within Compassion. After the Compassion summer intern trip to Guatemala, Veronica Fertzer advocates for all children who live in extreme poverty, not just those in the Compassion program.

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compassion summer intern kelly paint

Compassion Summer Intern: Hope Is Here

Every summer, 20 university students enroll in our 10.5 week internship program for the opportunity to gain professional experience within Compassion. From the intern trip to Esculinda, Guatemala, Kelly Uchiumi shares what she witnessed as one of the key ingredients in breaking the cycle of poverty.

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compassion intern series alex

Compassion Summer Intern: Personal Compassion

Every summer, twenty university students enroll in our 10.5 week internship program for the opportunity to gain professional experience within Compassion. This year the Compassion Summer Interns traveled to Guatemala and Alex Tunell shares how two lives were changed for the better.

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The Twinkie Is Getting Fatter

Friends! It has been much too long. I’m sorry for my extended leave of absence as of late. But I promise … I have a pretty good excuse. Let’s catch up, yes?

Let’s talk Twinkies first.

The Twinkie Project has undergone some serious plastic surgery. Face-lift. Tummy tuck. Lipo. The works. We’ve trimmed her up real nice and purdy. But don’t fret, it’s all for the best.

Who was the surgeon, you ask? Thankfully, not me. I did not excel in anatomy.

This project has been handed off to a team, as in several people, who will be taking it to infinity and beyond. Three highly qualified and ridiculously creative gentlemen are now driving the Twinkie Project to another level of awesomeness. I am still participating in helping to bring it to life, just on a smaller, less time-consuming scale.

Among the many changes that it has seen, the Twinkie Project has been renamed. Granted, the “Twinkie Project” was never on its birth certificate, so the code name still applies for now.

Without giving too much away, I will say this — it has grown much larger than I would have dared to dream.

Turns out the basic idea behind it — sending young people abroad to broadcast their lives to us and teach us about countries and peoples we don’t know — is not so new. As a matter of fact, there are several other organizations and companies that have pioneered this concept.

Only thing is … Compassion is the only one among the crowd that really does something so beautifully different — partnering with the church; equipping pastors to minister to their communities more holistically. We empower and enable people who have the hearts for ministry but not the means.

So while our little “Twinkie” looks like the other Twinkies on the outside, we’re filled with something entirely different on the inside.

Who knew Twinkies could make for such spiritual metaphors? Moving on.

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Inverting the Triangle

Philippians 2:3-8 adds value to the concept of servant leadership.

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A New Season, A New Position

I love this time of year. There is something about November to New Year’s Eve that is simply magical.  Everything about the smell of the air, the smell of the kitchen, and the smell of grandma’s perfume intoxicates my senses and consumes my soul. And oh yeah, I get to celebrate my birthday!

Like I said, I really, really like this time of year.

But, for all of its constants and familiarities, this time of year also brings about change. I’m getting better at accepting it . . . but I still don’t like it. 

Change means that things that you have always known to be, things that are comfortable because of their consistency, suddenly become different. As in, they are no longer the same. Big and small, professional or personal, things evolve. 

For example, my job.

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The Low Down . . . Down Low

Alright folks, it’s time for an update; the scoop, this dish, the latest happenings. A little FYI, if you will. Forgive me; my coffee is stronger than normal this morning. 

Since we met last, progression on the program has been both productive and sluggish.

Productive in that meetings are set, conversations have been had, and a “plan of action” has been made so that strategic and tactical steps can be taken. 

In the same way, it seems as though little has been accomplished because those all important meetings are not scheduled until later this month to the availability of personnel who have extensive traveling schedules. Unfortunately, patience is not a virtue I possess. 

The conversations, though, have provided the encouragement and affirmation I have needed. Let’s start with the most exciting one.

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