Who Is an Orphan?

orphan definition

Africa is home to 59 million orphans. Nelson is one of them. What is an orphan — or how exactly do we define orphan? As we follow Nelson’s journey, we will see multiple definitions of this oft-misunderstood term.

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What Is Not Visible: A Genocide Survivor’s Redemptive Journey [VIDEO]

What Is Not Visible: A Rwandan Genocide Survivor's Redemptive Story

Methode endured the Rwandan Genocide when he was 6 years old. Now over 20 years later, he recounts his journey through the heartbreaking loss of his family, his pain and bitterness, and the ultimate forgiveness of those who killed his family.

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Ask Jimmy Part 3 Leadership Development

Ask Jimmy: Leadership Development, Gifts and Prayer

What changes are in the works for our Leadership Development Program and how can you best meet the needs of the child you sponsor? Find out in the last part of the “Ask Jimmy” blog series.

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What Is God’s Greatest Treasure?

What keeps Juli involved with serving children in poverty? Not an organization, paperwork or activities. It’s children.

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Living to Know Christ More

Recently we asked Olive Aneno about her career as a social worker. Why did she choose a career in social work? And, what are the differences she sees in the children of Uganda and the children she works with in the U.S.

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Pray for Me and I’ll Pray for You

Alejandro and Nixon are cousins who have also been friends most of their lives growing up in El Salvador. They are “first cousins,” a term that, in their culture and language, means a close relationship and is literally translated “cousin-brothers.”

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What Can a Hard-working Person Accomplish?

It’s 5 a.m., in the midst of complete darkness, and members of the Pentecostal Church of God in Batey Magdalena are gathered in one of the dusty streets of this sugarcane-cutting community. Worshiping the Lord, they pray for spiritual healing for their people.

Claudio, now a civil engineering graduate through our Leadership Development Program, is in charge of leading these gatherings.

As he was leading the group one day, the area’s most-feared voodoo leader came after him with a machete. The man shouted death threats and claimed that “those prayers” bothered him. But as he raised the machete to attack Claudio, the man’s body began to tremble and he collapsed to the ground. His sons picked him up and took him home.

Despite threats Claudio faces while doing street ministry, he persists. He is accustomed to overcoming obstacles.

During his early years, this young adult’s life was similar to the lives of many other children in Batey Magdalena: He and his twin sister were being raised by their uncle while their mother, Clarissa, worked on another island.

Then his mother returned home and, to better support her children, she began to make iced drinks, corn pies and fried wheat goods. Claudio sold trays of these goods and iced drinks to the community.

He learned at a young age that hard work and determination would help him accomplish his goals.

In his last year studying civil engineering, he flunked the exams in two classes and passed one class with a very low grade. He was called into a meeting with our country office director, Kleber Isaias Lora Bautista.

“I remember when I was called to Kleber’s office, I said to myself, ‘Well, in this lap, I’m out.’ But Kleber said, ‘Let’s do something that I have never done before. I’m going to write a letter so that you can get a time extension.’

“He said, ‘Claudio, I know that you are going to finish well; I know that you can.’”

Claudio was able to feel the grace of God in this time of trial.

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Serving Jesus in Lamphun, Thailand

Lamphun boasts of its beautiful Buddhist temples where pilgrims come to offer merits. It is a paradox, however, that the moral ethics of Buddhism have not contributed much to improving the social decadence of the province.

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Finding Forgiveness After the Rwandan Genocide

Finding Forgiveness After the Rwandan Genocide

Compassion Alumni Methode was 6 years old when he witnessed the 1994 Rwandan genocide, a systematic massacre of more than 1 million people of the Tutsi ethnic group.

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“I Now Care for the Man Who Abused Me.”

Indian student Maggie nurses her father. She feeds him, dresses him and washes him. Not so long ago, her father systematically abused her.

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Inspire a Child to Greatness

The physical needs sponsors meet on a monthly basis are undeniable, but it’s only the beginning. Sponsors have the ability to not only meet the basic needs of their sponsored child but to be a catalyst in the transformation of his or her life.

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“Without Christ, I Would Be Nowhere and Nobody.”

For many years Godfrey saw unsponsored children clinging on the child development center’s fence around mealtimes in hopes of getting food. This image is part of his driving force for speaking at Compassion events.

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