A Beautiful Orphan Story: Finding Jesus After Trauma

One girl stands behind another girl with her hands on her shoulders.

This story of twin orphans will break your heart, while also reminding you of the love, beauty and hope in the world. “We are stronger than ever.”

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Who Is an Orphan?

orphan definition

Africa is home to 59 million orphans. Nelson is one of them. What is an orphan — or how exactly do we define orphan? As we follow Nelson’s journey, we will see multiple definitions of this oft-misunderstood term.

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Meet Our Friend, Bob Lenz

Bob Lenz is one of our ministry’s speaker partners. Poverty takes many forms, and Bob Lenz has given his life to helping young people who struggle most with poverty of the heart.

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The Prayers of a Sponsored Child

Sponsored children pray and ask God for direction, for someone to love them, for provision — for more of Him. How different (or similar) are your prayers?

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Who Are Jesus’ Brothers and Sisters?

When we, adopted members of the family of God, sponsor, visit, love, write, protect, speak up for, adopt, and foster sponsored children in our own families we are living out the gospel. We are doing the will of our Father in heaven, and Jesus calls us brothers and sisters.

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Will You Stand for Orphans?

Only Jesus can rescue a child from an orphanage and give the child a Heavenly mansion. But we need to bring them to His feet. This is not a commercial. This is also not a script. This is a calling.

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I Met An Orphan Today

What follows is an excerpt from a blog post we recommend you read. It’ll move you.

We sampled the post selectively. There’s emotional stuff in between the samples. Promise.

I met an orphan today.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget her face.

. . .

I sat down on a bench and she scooted towards me. “What is your name?”

In perfect English, “My name is Susan. I am 12.”

She looked at me. I mean, really, looked into my eyes with a question in hers and then she blurted out, “Can I touch your hair?”

. . .

She tried braiding my hair and after a few minutes she gave up saying, “I think something is wrong with your hair. I can’t braid it.” Oh Susan, you are a wise one.

. . .

Again, her eyes found mine and she questioned, “Can I touch your skin? It is so white.”

This time I could only nod as she gently touched my arms and then my legs peeking out from my cropped pants.

“You are the first white woman I have touched,” she said in an almost hushed voice.

Read all of Kristen Welch’s post at We Are THAT Family.

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Song of Hope

He is the most remarkable storyteller there is. More than that, the brilliant author. He speaks and there is light. From His voice comes life.

Agape Children's HostelHis workmanship becomes ingrained within our being. He weaves stories into our lives. Stories of triumph, of sorrow, of sheer joy. Stories of hope.

Reading your stories of hope captivated me as well as resurrected a story of hope I have seen in my life, in a place before Compassion.

When He gave me this story, my life became enriched. My heart now scarred with such sacred radiance:

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The Ripples of Child Sponsorship

“What can I do in the face of such hugeness?” we wonder. “What good would my pebble do in such a vast sea of suffering?” But here’s the amazing thing about pebbles dropped in the water — they create ripples.

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