What Impact Does Giving a Family Gift Have in a Child’s Life?

What Impact Does Giving a Family Gift Have on a Child's Life?

After his accident, Biswanath lost all his expectations for life. He couldn’t find a job due to his weak leg. He struggled to provide for his family and began selling marijuana. The dark side of life grabbed him.

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How Is My Money Used Each Month?

How is My Money Used

$38 a month. That’s how much it costs to sponsor a child through Compassion, which is more than the price of sponsorship at some organizations. The difference sometimes leads to questions such as: What does my child get each month for $38?”, and “Where is the money going that isn’t going to the children?”.

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Facebook Questions

You Asked, We Answered: Facebook Q&A

We recently held our first impromptu Facebook Q&A Session. All your questions answered in one place on one spontaneous Friday afternoon. Here are some of the most popular questions – and a few of our favorites.

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Christmas Gifts

Giving a Gift to the Child You Sponsor: The Whys, Whats and Hows

You have a few different options for sending a monetary gift. Each year, you can send $10 to $50 as a birthday gift, $10 to $50 as a general gift, and $25 to $1,000 as a family gift. You also have the option of donating any amount, we typically suggest $20, to the Christmas Gift Program on your sponsored child’s behalf.

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Your Sponsored Child’s Photo: What Does It Tell You?

I’ve taken many calls from sponsors about the pictures of the children they sponsor. “Why is he wearing such nice clothing?” “Why is she not smiling?” “His newest picture doesn’t look like the boy I sponsored. Why?”

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Out of the Mouths of Babes

“A child in Indonesia wanted to know if people in Canada had hair on their feet to protect them from the cold.” Another child asked, “Is math the same in every country?”

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What Teenagers Learn and Share

We recently met several wonderful teenagers in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. In the time we spent with them, they shared what they have learned at their child development centers.

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“What’s the One Thing You’d Like Your Sponsor to Know?”

Sponsored children reflect their commitment to God no matter the circumstances around them. As they share their lives with you, they are encouraged by your response to them through your letters and prayers.

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What Would You Ask God?

If you could ask God anything — absolutely anything — what would it be? Sponsored children sit down with us and share their questions for God.

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What Does Your Sponsored Child Want to Know About You?

How many of us sit in front of a blank computer screen or piece sheet of paper wondering what to share with our sponsored child? What do you say or not say?

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Can My Sponsored Child Visit Me?

Child protection is something we take very seriously. We know that 99 percent of you would smother your sponsored child with love, prayer and encouragement. Regrettably, it’s the few bad apples we have to be careful about. Allowing a sponsored child to travel to his or her sponsor’s home increases the risk of abuse or exploitation dramatically — a risk we cannot take.

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Why Do Child Development Centers Close

Why Do Child Development Centers Close?

We partner with more than 5,000 churches worldwide to implement our sponsorship program. And last year, 95 centers closed, about 1.7 percent of the centers open at the time. The number of child development centers that close each year varies. They close for a variety of reasons, and each case is different.

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