4 Fun Summer Activities for Kids to Do at Home

A white bowl full of ice holds five multi-colored popsicles, on a gray table.

If you’re looking for ideas for family fun this summer, we have some great resources for you! These activities are designed to entertain the kids in your life — while also teaching them what life is like around the world. Check out these recipes, crafts and games to keep your kids cool and compassionate this summer!

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How to Crush Boredom Together as a Family

Family Activities: How to Crush Boredom Together as a Family

If you’re a family who confronts boredom with either planning or panic, look no further. Here are a few family activities to crush boredom together.

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Cook with Compassion: Zucchini and Poblano Soup

While making zucchini and poblano soup, Becky got in touch with her inner celebrity chef and took some creative license with the recipe. Which means — she winged it!

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Cook With Compassion: Murgir Korma

This Murgir Korma recipe is from Kevin Stout, who helped open our offices in Bangladesh and now serves as the ministry’s Church Partnership Development Manager. His wife is Bengali, and this is her family’s recipe for murgir korma, or sweet chicken curry with yogurt.

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zoom koom

Cook With Compassion: Zoom Koom

Zoom Koom is a cool, refreshing drink from Burkina Faso, West Africa. Zoom means flour. Koom means water.

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mexican lasagna recipe

Cook With Compassion: Lasagna Azteca

Hello chefs. Today’s stop on the Amazing Compassion Culinary Adventure is Italy … by way of Mexico.

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moqueca de peixe

Cook With Compassion: Moqueca de Peixe

To kick off the Amazing Compassion Culinary Adventure series, I chose Moqueca de Peixe, a Brazilian fish stew recipe shared with us by Liv Almeida Nunes Ribeiro Dias, a Program Implementation Assistant with Compassion Brazil.

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