The Darkness is Not The End

In this special chapel message, singer, songwriter and Compassion ambassador Justin McRoberts shares his story, and how God used his sponsored child to redeem a dark time in his life.

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Once: A Story of Loss, Pain and Redemption in an African Slum

large tree in the shadow of sunset

Once there was a place called Mathare. It was a hard place; a difficult place. But, there was also a place called the Kingdom of God.

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rubble of Haitian presidental palace after earthquake

Redeeming Haiti

No one in their right mind would call the earthquake that hit Haiti a good thing. It was utterly devastating. And yet still there is good.

Because of the earthquake’s destruction, Haiti is now having to start with what feels like a nearly clean slate. The [corrupt and inefficient] government was toppled. The [inadequate] school system was destroyed. Proof of [unjust] land ownership is now virtually impossible. The [enormous and unbridgeable] gap in economic status was decimated, putting government officials in tents next to poor slum-dwellers.

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