A Wise Woman Builds Her House

smiling woman and child

Today is International Women’s Day and we are asking the question, what does giving 90% mean for a woman in the developing world?

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What Does Financial Sacrifice Look Like?

people outside house surrounded by filled garbage bags

One family took on the challenge of living on only $2.50 a day for an entire week. They decided to rely on God for every need that surpassed the $2.50 a day.

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three potted plants

You Give It to Them

Sometimes we do things we do not understand because they are known only to the Lord. This is what our ministry does.

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girls sitting outside playing with dolls

The Gift of Grace

God, in His mercy and grace, grants us salvation through His Son’s sacrifice, and the one and only thing we have to do is believe.

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bowl of Ugandan stew

Could You Eat Like Your Sponsored Child for a Week?

The Hopkins family decided to plan a monthly sacrifice challenge throughout 2012. For the month of January they sacrificed in the area of food.

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woman writing letter

God’s Love for the World Is Personal

A sacrificing love still touches the spirit, heart, and soul of each one of us who is God’s unique, beloved creation.

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crucified Christ

Son of the High Chief

The son of the High Chief, knowingly or not, showed his friends an image of what Jesus Christ did for each of us when He went to the cross. He stood between them and the evil one, who wanted to hurt them.

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Poverty’s Shame

“For you, when you help take care of our children, is it easy for you, or is it a sacrifice?”

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