World Poverty Day: Will You Share the Need?

World Poverty Day Poster

One billion children world-wide lack basic needs such as food, shelter and clean water. Please share today, World Poverty Day, how blessed we are and how great the need is.

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In the Shadow of the Almighty

child kneeling in prayer

No matter how our shelters are designed, what kind of materials they are made of, where they are located, how much they are secured, or who lives in them, there is no guarantee they will give us safety, as we live in a world of so many uncertainties.

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Our Transitional Shelter Solution for Haiti

The rainy season is starting soon in Haiti. This period generally lasts from March to May, and then hurricane season runs from June to November. Most of the people who live in the streets and in tent cities as a result of the earthquake will be exposed to the heavy rains.

We don’t have accurate information on how many of those living outside are in shelters that can withstand the rainy season, but it’s clear that a large number of them don’t have rainproof materials. The materials most commonly used now for shelter are bedsheets. These provide a bit of privacy as well as protection from the sun, cold and dust, but not from rain and wind.

We are focusing our efforts on addressing temporary and transitional shelter needs by providing tarps as well as materials for transitional shelters. We will not be able to assist everyone in need. We will focus on those who are most in need and who have not received shelter assistance from other organizations.


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