The Importance of Respecting Children

street marketplace

Each of us needs to take seriously the call to be an advocate for children. Kids watch us, and we have a responsibility to model fully the life we encourage them to walk.

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One Step Further From the Grip of Poverty

one step further Valdênia was 15 years old when she taught a little boy in the community to read and write.

“He was 7 and had difficulties learning at school. His mother asked me to help him.”

At that time, Valdênia was in high school, but had no hope to get into a university. Today, three years later, she can see that she was practicing her vocation.


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Debbi Akers with child holding doll

Compassion Sunday Is Child Sponsorship Taken to the Next Level

As soon as I completed my Advocate training, my first thought was to host a Compassion Sunday at my church. I was on fire, passionate, and thought that was the obvious next step. I was wrong.

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Step Into My Life: Selamawit’s Story

You can also view this video, Step Into My Life: Selamawit’s Story, on Vimeo.

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