Why Compassion Doesn’t Work in Unstable Conflict Zones

Why Compassion International Doesn't Work in Unstable Conflict Zones

In 1954, Everett Swanson’s relief work developed sponsorship programs which provided help for the children of post-war Korea. Those efforts have evolved into a global, program-based, holistic child development model. These days, you are less likely to find Compassion in the midst of a conflict zone but instead working at the heart of more stable communities. Here are three reasons why.

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The (Sort of) New Global Poverty Line

World Bank Global Poverty Line Graph

The new global poverty line (of living on less than $1.90 a day) captures income and consumption data. What it doesn’t reflect are other conditional circumstances and deficiencies that strip opportunity and hope from the poor.

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Sustainable Development goal 1

Does Compassion Meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

Many of the SDGs directly parallel what Compassion does. When it comes to goals and implementation, though, we sometimes take a different approach. Here are the SDGs that most closely match our work, along with ways they overlap and differ.

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