3 Couples Share How They Raise Compassionate Kids

A man and woman sit on stools, holding hands.

These three couples, all at different parenting stages, share their wisdom and experience on raising compassionate kids!

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4 Ways to Be a Guide Worth Following in Your Home

One man stands behind another man sitting in a wheelchair on a dirt path.

There are a host of things that one can do to change others’ lives for the better, but the foundation for all of that is the environment we create in our homes. Here are four ways to cultivate compassion within our families and guide our children down a path worth taking.

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A woman stands at a windowsill of a mud and wood home, surrounded by four children.

5 Resources That Will Help You Build a Compassionate Family

We are excited to introduce you to five resources, all with the express purpose of helping you disciple your families while building hearts of compassion!

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