Hardworking and Blessed

a woman sitting in a green chair writing on a piece of paper

Most of the people living in Majucla are hardworking people, from ladies selling tortillas in the streets or vegetables in the local street market to hardworking men working in construction or as bus or taxi drivers. But Majucla has a stigma.

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Why We Should Care About Honduras

Honduras crisis This is the byline on a recent op-ed piece in The Miami Herald:
“Edouard Lassegue is the Vice President of the Latin America and Caribbean Region at Compassion International, the world’s largest Christian child development organization.”

And this is why Edouard says we should care about what is happening in Honduras:

Poverty in Central American countries is the foundation for all other social justice issues. Honduras maintains an unemployment rate of 28 percent, and two-thirds of its citizens live below the poverty line. The instability the country is currently experiencing is not rooted in politics — it is social. It is hopelessness and destitution.

When Central American economies fail to produce opportunities and jobs — and if governments cannot protect citizens — populist demagogues promising reform but continuing the status quo are elected.

Where poverty flourishes, crime and corruption flourish. This is what we are currently witnessing in Honduras.

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