Can the Enneagram Help You Respond to Poverty?

We serve a God who cares deeply for the marginalized in society. The Bible is filled with holy calls for justice and compassion. But sometimes this call seems so colossal, we don’t know where to begin. But when we understand how we’re wired, our journey in helping those around us can become much more robust and tangible.

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If I Give All I Have to the Poor, But Have Not Love…

Isn’t giving to people living in poverty always accompanied and motivated by love? The Bible indicates otherwise. Here are three things that can motivate us to give that aren’t prompted by love — and why that matters.

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QUIZ: How are You Uniquely Wired to Help People in Poverty?

We’re all specially gifted to serve others in our own creative ways. This quiz will reveal how you’re uniquely wired to help people in poverty!

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How to Help Young People and Families Neighbor Well

As a parent and youth leader, I love when young people think beyond themselves and serve their neighbors. This groundbreaking new study and immersive experience will help them even more to empathize, love and serve others.

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One Word to Move Us in 2018: compassion

I think of a preacher from Chicago in the 1950s who saw the ravages of the Korean war. In the war-torn alleys of Seoul, he saw orphans huddled in rags trying to keep warm in the bitter cold through the night. In the morning, soldiers would come, shaking the piles of rags looking to see who did or did not make it through the night. As this man sat on the plane home to Chicago reflecting on the tragedies he’d witnessed, God moved his broken heart with compassion.

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Why It Matters When You Volunteer

Showing up is hard. Sometimes it’s hard to believe our single act of showing up will make a difference at all. But when we’re able to see the big picture, we find that it is vital. When you show up, it matters … and not just to the people you’re helping. Let’s look at some reasons why.

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23 Resources Every New Sponsor Needs to Know About

You just joined the Compassion family by investing in the future of a child in poverty through sponsorship. Now what? Check out these must-see resources to begin your new sponsor journey!

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How to Crush Boredom Together as a Family

If you’re a family who confronts boredom with either planning or panic, look no further. Here are a few family activities to crush boredom together.

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The Passionate Heart of a Volunteer

Every volunteer has a story. A story behind the moment God placed the desire in his or her heart to move from spectator to participant. Having attended Compassion-partnered events as both a volunteer and a staff member, I’ve had the opportunity to hear our volunteers’ stories and witness the personal impact they have.

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Summer Volunteering with Compassion

Compassion volunteers band together in community to talk to potential sponsors, listen to stories, and share their hearts. It’s truly a family experience.

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How Young Is Too Young to Sponsor a Child?

Compassion has sponsorship booths at hundreds of events across the country, throughout the year. Some of those booths are at events specifically for teens. Working in the contact center, I sometimes speak with parents whose teen sponsored a child at one of these events.

The parents are often concerned that their teen will not be able to see the commitment to fruition. Sometimes the parents are upset that we would even allow their teen to sign up to be a sponsor.

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Who Can You Sponsor a Leadership Student With?

In 2006 my wife and I went on a sponsor trip to the Dominican Republic. Before our trip, we thought we knew what Compassion did, but our understanding of the ministry fell far short of what we saw.

When I came home from that trip, I signed up to be a volunteer. I made coffee mugs with photos of my sponsored children on them, and I spoke of the kids often.

“Hey Patterson, you know those kids that you’re so fond of? ”

“Yeah, Norm.”

“I think we should sponsor one of those kids as a shift.”

I explained to Norm that a typical child sponsorship is under $40, but then I told him about the Leadership Development Program. I suggested that if we were able to get 12 firefighters together, we could sponsor a Leadership Development Program student and it would cost only $25 per person each month.

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