Life Without Shoes Stinks

bare feet

How many people do you suppose stay inside and can’t go to work on days filled with rain or storms, all because they don’t have a pair of shoes? How many kids end up with diseases that kill or seriously threaten their health, all because of a disease or fungus they picked up while navigating the streets in their bare feet?

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May I Have a Hug?

woman stooping down to give girls a hug

It is fully within your power to change the world of a child and make it rich. You can be willing to walk slowly enough through this life that you will see the young ones who cross your path, and take the time that is necessary to let them know how important they are.

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south view of the White House

Wess Stafford Goes to Washington

This is the story of how our beloved president, Wess Stafford, traveled to Washington D.C., rubbed shoulders with the mighty and powerful and still managed to return home the same humble man that we adore.

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