Tough Questions: “Are People Who Live in Poverty Lazy?”

A man carries a bucket and a boat motor as he walks with a boy in from the water.

Hear how parents of five children in Compassion’s program responded to this tough question people ask about poverty. For them, the hurtful myth that they are poor because they are lazy couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Worn Out

small child sleeping on mat

Engage in Elijah’s story. Take care of yourself. Eat, rest, regain your reserves.

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group of children wearing red sweaters outside with an adult

A Day In the Life of a Ministry Social Worker

Alemnesh loves ministering to children and watching them grow into mature Christian citizens. A typical day for Alemnesh is very busy — but rewarding.

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Two ladies in an office.

The Gift of Our Work

You and I have been gifted with an incredible blessing from the Lord. Today as you go about your work, be mindful of the amazing gift that you have been given.

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