COVID-19 Has Created a Crisis of Hunger

A mother in Ethiopia feeds her 4-year-old son

The worldwide problems caused by COVID-19 seem nearly impossible to count, but millions in poverty share one obstacle that may eclipse all others: hunger.

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Roots of Hope: Tea Farming in Myanmar

tea farm on hillside

Tea lost in the jungle, tucked away until its time to bloom. Only the jungle may be seen at first, but the villagers know what they have planted in the middle of that thicket. They’ve planted hope. Hope to break their cycle of rural poverty.

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one meal one day child eating

One Meal One Day Photo Scavenger Hunt

We’re holding a photo scavenger hunt leading up to our One Meal One Day campaign on Nov. 6, complete with prizes. So, get your camera (or phone) ready.

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world food day 2013

World Food Day: Security to Dream

October 16 is World Food Day and this year’s theme is “Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition.”

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three children eating from large bowl

The Thing About Tummy Rubs

Today is World Food Day. A day to realize how blessed we are just for having a chance to eat a meal and get a full tummy.

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