Thank You Sponsors

Thank you sponsors

You can also view this Thank You Sponsors video on YouTube.

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  1. Sharron Altpeter June 7, 2011

    What a wonderful video and so much fun to see ‘our’ children. God is SOOOOOOOO Good to all of us.

    Thank you & may God continue to bless you all for the wonderful and loving work you do for these children.

  2. Mike Stephens March 25, 2009

    It continues to amaze me how many different countries Compassion is in!!!

  3. jason June 10, 2008

    Nice little video, my 4 year old daughter made me replay the video 3 times so she could watch the Compassion kids from around the world.

  4. Juli Jarvis June 6, 2008

    Love it! Thanks so much for sharing! But really, a personal hug from the child is even better!

  5. Compassion dave June 6, 2008


  6. Luke Miles June 6, 2008

    I’m LOVING everything I see/hear/know/experience with compassion.. what a blessed and perfect ministry.. thanks for allowing all of us to be a part!

  7. Anna June 6, 2008

    That was SO sweet. They are such a blessing!

  8. Linda Milby June 6, 2008

    What a blessing to see the children and they’re smiles. I wish they could do that from every project. It is awesome!!! Thank you Compassion Ministries for listening to God, making a vision become a reality, and allowing all that feel called to share in the blessings of this ministry. On God’s path to leading children to Christ…………Linda

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