“This Time, a Vicious Cycle is a Good Thing…”

the wally show The Wally Show recently returned from our offices in Asia where they witnessed child sponsorship in action.

the wally show

We met a woman named Ko who was a sponsored child, and she now works for Compassion helping others. This is one time a vicious cycle is a good thing. She still has the picture of her sponsors from 30 years ago on her desk.

I asked her if there was anything her sponsor said or did that really made a difference in her life. She told me the fact that someone who did not know her would show her such love and tell her about Jesus inspired her to live the rest of her life serving God. That is a sentiment which is echoed throughout the lives of most of the Compassion kids.

Read the entire post at The Wally Show.

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    Barry January 29, 2012

    Awesome testimony of a sponsor being a missionary to a child.

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    Kimmy January 25, 2012

    Thank you for posting this. Wally, is my best friend. Ive known him for almost 4 years now. And I am so happy for what he did. I made a video of his pictures and videos and i put it on FB in the hopes that people will be encouraged to sponsor. 🙂

    Wally is awesome. He is a great and kind friend. And he truly has a way with kids.

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      Kimmy January 25, 2012

      oh, and at the end of his show yesterday the number was 130 kids sponsored. Today it was 237. I cant wait to see what happens tomorrow! Im excited!

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