Top 10 Compassion Blog Posts of 2017

As we reflect back over 2017 on the blog, we’re reminded of the One Word that fueled us this year:


We shared ways to ignite your compassion, stories of hope, opportunites to act, inspiration for letters to the children you sponsor, and much more. All with the purpose to fuel the fire that God has placed in us.

Take a dive back through the year with the top 10 Compassion blog posts of 2017!

Top 10 Compassion Blog Posts 2017

10. 3 Lessons From Jesus on How to Love Your Neighbor

Love your neighbor as yourself. It’s the second-greatest commandment. One of the most quoted verses in the Bible. And something we all want to do. (Well, most of the time.) You spend so much of your heart and gifts to bless a child in poverty. But what about when the neighbor you’re asked to love isn’t that cute, smiling kiddo on your fridge?

Top 10 Compassion Blog Posts 2017

9. Why Help People in Poverty in Other Countries When People Need Help Here?

Our time and resources are finite, yet there seems to be infinite need. We want to be kind to people in poverty and we want to do it wisely. Here are a few things to consider as you struggle through this question for yourself.

Top 10 Compassion Blog Posts 2017

8. How to Raise Brave Kids in a World Keeping Them Afraid

President and CEO of MOPS International, Mandy Arioto, shares her heart for parenting the next generation in a culture that is inspiring fear. Whether parents have an intense need for control or the fact that they are surrounded by voices who are trying to convince them they aren’t safe. Whatever the cause, she offers three ways parents can take their feet off the brakes.

Top 10 Compassion Blog Posts 2017

7. Top 5 People We’re Grateful For (Hint: One of Them Is You!)

We have a lot to be thankful for here at Compassion. We get to work with amazing kids all around the world. And we also have the best partners in that work! In no particular order, here are the top five people we couldn’t do ministry without!

Help Families Affected BY COVID-19

Families in poverty have no safety net in times of crisis. Help provide food, medical care and support during this pandemic.

Top 10 Compassion Blog Posts 2017

6. Why Compassion Doesn’t Work in Unstable Conflict Zones

In 1954, Everett Swanson’s relief work turned to developing sponsorship programs which provided long-term Bible teaching, medical support, food, clothing and shelter on a regular basis for the children of post-war Korea. His initial efforts have evolved over the years into a global, program-based, holistic child development model. These days, you are less likely to find Compassion in the midst of a conflict zone but instead working at the heart of more stable communities. Read these three reasons why.

Top 10 Compassion Blog Posts 2017

5. Stop Feeling Like a Bad Sponsor for Not Writing

Feeling a twinge of guilt for not writing to the child or teen you sponsor? If you think that makes you a bad sponsor, we want to tell you … you’re not!

Top 10 Compassion Blog Posts 2017

4. My Favorite Thing My Sponsor Wrote Me Was…

When asked, “What’s your favorite part of a letter?” the answer is easy for many sponsored kids. Eight children and teens answer this very question in the August’s edition of the Compassion Letter Club!

Top 10 Compassion Blog Posts 2017

3. We’re Losing a Friend, A Family Member

With the ending of our program in India in March of this year, many people felt the loss of the connection they had built with the children and teens they had invested in through sponsorship. Our friend Shaun Groves shares his family’s personal journey through the grief of losing their relationship with young Ranjith.

Top 10 Compassion Blog Posts 2017

2. Compassion International Ending Operations in India on March 15

President and CEO of Compassion, Jimmy Mellado, announced the end of our operations in India:

“Today I am submitting the blog post I had hoped would never see the light of day. With our hearts aching, Compassion has begun the process of ending our operations in India. If nothing changes in the next couple of weeks, our last day of operation in India will be March 15.”

Top 10 Compassion Blog Posts 2017

1. 11-Year-Old Steven Needs Your Help After a Violent Attack

While playing outside his home in Ecuador, Steven was violently attacked by neighborhood teens. When we shared his story back in June, he was in critical condition and holding on for life. He needed your help and prayers.

His story ignited your compassion. More than $500,000 was given to help pay medical bills for him and other children facing difficult medical situations.

Now, because of the work of Compassion Ecuador, his local church, caring doctors and nurses, donors and his sponsor, Cory, Steven’s journey is one that is just beginning. Be sure to read about how Steven is doing now and see how something that could have been the end of a child’s story has turned into hope for a bright future.

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