Top 10 Compassion Instagram Posts of 2017

Through photos and videos, our Instagram is a portrayal of the children and families we serve, our local church partners and our supporters all around the globe. And when I scroll through our feed, it’s clear to me that every person has a story. Behind the smiles, the laughter, and even the need, there is a deeper meaning.

Stories connect us all and help us celebrate our differences. And they’re what makes Instagram so great.

Enjoy Compassion International’s top 10 Instagram posts of 2017!

10. January 23: The Greatest Gift

We believe in #miracles. Do you? Two years ago, Geraldine, a mother and health worker in #Rwanda was approached by a man that found a #baby in a bush covered by ants. When Geraldine approached the baby, she got the chills. The baby was lying helpless on an ant hill with her umbilical cord still attached. Geraldine’s motherly instincts kicked in and she picked up the baby and ran her to the closest health center, nearly two miles away. The baby was in intensive care for days, but remained unclaimed. After much investigation, the police asked Geraldine and her husband if they would consider adopting the baby. Though the couple already had six kids, they didn’t hesitate. They named their new daughter ‘Impano’ which can be translated to #gift. And what a gift little Impano was! This darling #child brings her family so much joy and laughter everyday. And now with Impano enrolled in our program, Geraldine can rest assured that she can support her family and her children can grow up healthier. Talk about #Monday inspiration! ??? #girl #africa #story #dress #pink #inspring #inspirational #expression #sillyface #cute #loveheals #flowers #instagood #photooftheday #happymonday

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9. September 1: Child of God

8. March 6: Triple the Fun

7. December 4: God’s Little Miracles

Carmen was 6 months pregnant when she faced severe burns that changed her life forever. . “The reality is that I still don’t know what happened. I was used to driving the motorcycle,” says Carmen. “I reacted when I found myself on the ground covered in fire. I put out the fire on my body by myself. Nobody helped me. . When I got to the hospital in Santo Domingo, the doctor told me that he had to amputate my left arm immediately because it was too burned, but the only thing I thought about was my baby. I was just a few weeks from completing seven months of my #pregnancy. . I thank God that today I have my daughter and also my arm, even though I can’t use it. My baby is healthy, has a good weight, is very clever and is almost walking. Sometimes I get sad, but I give thanks to the Lord because probably if I had not had that accident, I wouldn’t have a family as the Child Survival program family is for me.” . Of 12 people hospitalized at the burn unit while Carmen was there, she was the only survivor. Her daughter, Karla, weighed only one-and-a-half pounds at birth, but they both continue to recover and preserve. ??❤️ . #dominicanrepublic #medical #burnsurvivor #motherhood #testimony #renewedhope #motherdaughter #mothership #recovery #polkadots

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6. September 6: Hurricane Irma Takes It’s Toll

5. April 26: Totally Adorable Twin Baby Bellies

4. May 25: She Knows She’s Beautiful

3. November 30: Disability Is Not Inability

“My motto is that #disability is not inability. With God, all things are possible. . I used to think I was the only disabled child in the world. But now I know God has plans for me. The reason God created me like this is to make a beautiful story." ❤️✝️ . 18-year-old Grace was born without legs and only one arm, but she’s living without limits! Throughout her life, she faced a lot of rejection. Some even saw her as a curse. . But her mom loved her unconditionally. God strengthened her. And words of encouragement from the team at her Compassion center helped her to believe in herself. Now she wants to share that light with others by starting an uplifting television show and opening an orphanage! . Read her full story at the link in our bio. . #disabilityawareness #beyoutiful #beyourownkindofbeautiful #beconfident #liveschanged #uganda #health #medical #selflove #story #testimony #rwanda

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2. November 3: FriYAY Dance

1. November 13: Shakul Meets His Sponsor

Shakul got to meet his sponsor, Matt, in #Uganda and they are too cute together!! ???? . Shakul was born with a rare genetic condition meaning he looks a little different. Without access to a doctor his parents didn’t understand his appearance. They abandoned him shortly after birth, but God had a plan to care for him. Namatuvu took her grandson in and now as part of the Compassion program, his life has seen many blessings – one of them being his sponsor! . Last month, Matt was able to visit Shakul and spend a couple days with him and his family. Shakul’s healthy, strong and though he has Waardenburg Syndrome, which makes hearing and talking difficult, he is making a lot of friends at his Compassion Center! . Next year, Shakul will be old enough to start school and his sponsor hopes he can attend one for children with cognitive disabilities, so he can learn how to sign. With a lot of love and support around him, we know that Shakul will continue to grow and develop with confidence! ?? (? @heatherino) . #childsponsorship #endpoverty #waardenburgssyndrome #africa #african #africanbeauty #imagodei #unique #beyoutiful #blueeeyedboy #bekind

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  1. evans. kamanda February 27, 2019

    its true life is hard when you. are totally poor and need chiid
    God bless you for the support.

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