Top 10 Instagram Photos of 2014

One of the great advantages of working in countries around the world is capturing images and stories of the amazing people and places we see every single day. While we like to show off the best pictures on our Instagram feed, you might have been a bit busy this year and missed some of our favorites.

So to catch you up with a year’s worth of photos, here are our top 10 Instagram photos we shared on Instagram in 2014:

10. October 20

9. September 29

8. October 10

7. September 15

6. August 14

5. September 22

4. March 18

Too cool for poverty #Togo

A photo posted by Compassion International (@compassion) on

3. May 19

2. April 4

Making #guitars in #Bolivia

A photo posted by Compassion International (@compassion) on

1. November 17

Follow along with us on our new adventures in 2015 as we bring the beauty of the world to Instagram.

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  1. joseph December 22, 2014

    Beautiful photographs!

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