Top 10 Instagram Posts of 2016

I’m really proud of our Instagram feed. When I scroll through the images and videos that we’ve shared, here’s the thing I immediately notice:


Instagram is full of faces. Faces of kids. Of families. Of sponsors. Of people. These faces reflect pain and joy and hope. And I think that’s why I notice them – because life is filled with pain and joy and hope. When I look through Instagram, I see a reflection of life.

Here are Compassion International’s top Instagram posts of 2016.

10. April 14: Feelin’ Good


9. February 19: Weekend Buddies


8. November 4: Cute Baby Alert!


7. April 21: Babies on Babies on Babies


6. December 19: We Choose Joy


5. October 24: Monday Blues


4. March 22: Water of Life


3. November 9: Power of Prayer


2. November 16: Got Goat?


1. October 6: Blue Eyed Boy


And as a bonus, here’s our most popular Instagram video of the year.


#Friday! These two buds #Togo show off some dance moves to their class. Tag your bestie in the comments who you love to ???? with!

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