Why Are Toys Important in the Lives of Children in Poverty?

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  1. Patricia Schanski October 31, 2018

    So beautiful to see how much joy just the smallest, simplest things can bring to a child who has so little…..thank you for sharing this with us and may God bless you all!

  2. Fred Norelli January 14, 2016

    It’s for this reason I run a LEGO ministry through my church. We collect gently used LEGO bricks and mini figures and send them to orphans around the world. When the children receive these LEGO, their eyes light up. They aren’t sure what to do at first. But with a little guidance, creativity starts to flow. Dreams and imagination come to life. The kids emerge themselves into different play scenarios and forget about the world around them. Rivals become friends. Strangers become partners. Brick by brick ideas come to life. These bricks unlock a world that they only dream and imagine.

    Parents and teachers use the LEGO to teach basic math and science, art and design, and many other educational lessons. Ministry leaders and helpers use the LEGO as object lessons to convey biblical parabals.

    Toys are so much more than toys. They unlock a child’s mind; help them develop; help them grow and learn; and so much more.

    We have seen great things happen in parts of Africa, Philippines, and Paraguay. It’s a rewarding joy to capture a child’s face when they first discover these LEGO bricks. Some have never seen a toy before. Truly a rewarding experience.

    1. Emily Vanhoutan January 14, 2016

      Fred, thank you so much for what you do to inspire a child to imagine, create, dream, and be a kid! 🙂 I’m so encouraged by your heart and ministry to ensure that children are able to experience this important part of being a child. God bless your ministry and your future endeavors!

  3. Alicia December 21, 2015

    Aww I love this!! Toys can be VERY special <3

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