Where Do Children Keep Their Favorite Letters From You?

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  1. Sandra Attardi June 8, 2020

    I wish to Everyone Worldwide with all my Heart,♡ Health and Love.


  2. Takiya Harrell September 6, 2019

    For right now, until I get a binder, I put all 3 of my girls letters, pictures, etc in their very own separate envelope and then they go into a huge box on my shelf.

  3. JustMe May 2, 2019

    I read this post and decided to ask my girl, Sheila, if she kept my letters somewhere special. She said that she kept them in a special box. I keep her letters to me in a special folder, along with all the pictures and letters from the field staff. I’m gonna need another folder soon! 😀

  4. Shannon January 24, 2019

    Technically, I financially sponsor 2 children but they see my own children as their sponsors. Both my children write directly to each of the children they picked to sponsor in 2015. As a single Mom, I have made these 2 children a priority in my budgeting and was even able to send a small monetary gift for Christmas last year for the first time but I’ve never actually written to them myself. I felt drawn today to write to the young boy my son sponsors because I know my son doesn’t write as often as my daughter. I don’t know why I’ve never written to them in the past but it felt so good doing it so I’ve decided to also write to my daughter’s sponsored child and plan to continue to write to them on a regular basis.

    1. Christina January 24, 2019

      Hi Shannon! We greatly appreciate the sacrifices you make to bless both your children and sponsored children! Thank you so much for raising compassionate children through fostering relationships between your kiddos and sponsor children :). You and your kiddos are making a difference.

  5. Erika Waggener October 25, 2018

    We keep all of the letters and drawings we receive from our sponsored child in 3 ring binder that features her picture on the front. I love to look back to see how she has grown and changed through the years.

  6. Caitlin May 14, 2018

    I keep the letters and photos from my two sponsored teenage girls in separate scrapbook albums that I have in my bedroom. Currently they are filed four or so folded letters to a page, but I need to make some pockets to tuck them into, on each piece of paper. A good evening project to work on! I love how my older girl still draws pictures for me, and how my younger one tells me about the festivals she goes to, friends she plays with and food she eats. And I always keep a small folder in the back of each album with their pictures and have their current pictures in frames so I can see them every day. These letters mean so much to me and I want to keep them in a safe place.

  7. Margie Ryne March 30, 2018

    Right now I have them all together on a shelf in my bedroom. I’m going to make a special notebook though to keep them in. She never writes me someone else in her family does. I have sent her pictures & money, stickers & special papers to draw on for holidays but nothing has ever been said. Who ever is writing calls me sponser Margie & it feels very impersonal. It’s not at all like I thought it was going to be & I’m a little discouraged.

    1. Shannon April 2, 2018

      Hi Margie,
      I am so sorry your letters feel impersonal. I see that often times her sister writes to you. Please know that they likely think calling you this name is appropriate, not intending to be impersonal, but more so just respectful. Your little girl is only eight, and her sister is likely only a bit older than her. I would encourage you to continue to write to this sweet girl and encourage her to write you herself. She may not be a great writer, or may be nervous about writing you since many of our kiddos want to show their sponsors they are perfect, so that you will love them. You may even be the first person who has ever told her she is loved and she may just be nervous to mess that up. I know it may be very discouraging for you, but I hope that the more you write her and encourage her to begin writing to you, she will feel more comfortable in doing so. Your letters of love an encouragement truly does make a difference! 🙂 -Shannon

  8. Valerie Reece March 23, 2018

    I have not received a reply to my letters I pray the child I sponsored is doing well

    1. Christina March 26, 2018

      Hi Valerie! Welcome to the Compassion family! We are so grateful that you have chosen to bless your sweet girl, Sharely, by sponsoring her two weeks ago! Please know that it may take some time to your letter to reach your girl and for her to reply to your letters. Due to the processing needed for each letter (i.e. translation and quality assurance checks), it may take a couple of weeks to a couple of months for letters to be sent and received. However, you should receive your first letter no later than four months from when you started sponsoring, and every letter after that should not be more than six months apart. Of course, the more letters you write, the more letters you will receive in return up to about six letters per year :). Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. Thank you so much for your heart to foster a meaningful relationship with your precious child!

  9. Mary Kinsley February 15, 2018

    I sponsor one child and correspond with 30 others (since June 2015). Each of their letters is precious – so I put them in individual plastic sheet protectors in 3-ring binders, with a section for each child. At this point I have three large binders, but I may need to buy a fourth soon!

  10. Cathy Owen February 15, 2018

    My favourite things my sponsored children have written to me are sometimes the names they address me as: “my dear beloved mama”, “my kind godmother” ; one girl said ” I hope one day you will come and hug me and read a story to me.” Also, she said, ” you always give support, love and protection” and “love is the most precious thing that I receive from you”. She is a lovely child!

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