Where Do Children Keep Their Favorite Letters From You?

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  1. Mary Kinsley February 15, 2018

    I sponsor one child and correspond with 30 others (since June 2015). Each of their letters is precious – so I put them in individual plastic sheet protectors in 3-ring binders, with a section for each child. At this point I have three large binders, but I may need to buy a fourth soon!

  2. Cathy Owen February 15, 2018

    My favourite things my sponsored children have written to me are sometimes the names they address me as: “my dear beloved mama”, “my kind godmother” ; one girl said ” I hope one day you will come and hug me and read a story to me.” Also, she said, ” you always give support, love and protection” and “love is the most precious thing that I receive from you”. She is a lovely child!

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