Words of Encouragement are Always Needed

Even though you smell like sewage on the outside, you smell like Jesus on the inside.

You’re poor because you’re a sinner. You’re poor because God hates you.

These are the words I remember the most from my childhood.

I was convinced that these words were true.

I wanted to prove to God that I’m a good boy and that He can love me. – Anthony Njoroge

You can also view the Words of Encouragement video on YouTube.

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  1. Julie November 30, 2011

    I was incredibly encouraged in my role as a sponsor to three beautiful Kenyan children. Thank you for sharing this video with us.

  2. Gail November 29, 2011

    “No other ministry connects people from different countries and makes them as one family.” I love this about Compassion and the Kingdom of God.

    Thank you for sharing your story. It was very encouraging.

  3. Lisa Miles November 29, 2011

    Great video — incredible message. It’s so awesome to see Anthony again!

    It breaks my heart to think a child would ever have to internalize the message that God doesn’t love them. It takes real courage to hear those words and continue, nevertheless, to run towards God. This video makes me want to write all of my sponsored kids today and tell them that God loves them. They are unique, never-to-be-duplicated creations of our Lord.

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