World Water Day: Be a Voice

World Water Day 2009 logo Today is World Water Day. This year’s theme is “Shared Water – Shared Opportunities.”

Nurturing the opportunities for cooperation in transboundary water management can help build mutual respect, understanding and trust among countries and promote peace, security and sustainable economic growth.

Previous World Water Day themes included:

  • Sanitation (2008)
  • Coping With Water Scarcity (2007)
  • Water and Culture (2006)
  • Water for Life (2005)
  • Waters and Disasters (2004)

Learn more about past World Water Days.

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  1. Compassiondave March 23, 2009

    I wrote this in the other blog (effectively killing it–lol), but I think it’s worth repeating it…

    On average 5 gallons of (US) tap water costs 1 penny. FUJI water (just one example) will deliver the same 5 gallons of water to your home for about $56 bucks.

    You do the math.

  2. Mike Stephens March 22, 2009

    How do I put a picture on my name for the blog posts???

  3. Compassiondave March 22, 2009

    My father would be pleased…today is his birthday. If I recall, he preferrred his wather from a garden hose.

  4. Simon Owens March 22, 2009

    Did you see this video made by Good Magazine for World Water Day that re-imagines what those old Crocodile Mile commercials would have been like if they had been made in a third world country?

  5. Mike Stephens March 22, 2009

    I am thankful that many who would never get to drink clean water are drinking it because Jesus inspired someone to help others with “World Water Day 2009”

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