You Can Change the World

you can change the world Most of us don’t feel like we can really change the world. Sure, we know that we can make an impact on our community and family, but change the world? That sounds a little too lofty and difficult for us average Joes. Most of us don’t have the money to start a school in Africa or donate billions to AIDS relief, but that isn’t the goal is it?

I believe that changing the world starts with us and what we’re able to do within our means. I believe that God calls us to do what we can with what He has given us. For me, this message was really driven home when I traveled overseas with Compassion.

you can change the worldTo meet my sponsor child “Phone,” I had to walk into a dark, wet, rat-infested squatters community. It was off the grid because someone else owned the land, and at any moment the police could force these families out onto the streets.

There were no mailboxes or house numbers, let alone a blade of grass. Instead, these homes were shacks on stilts made up of scrap metal, wood and even old bar signs. If a family had electricity, it was most likely “borrowed” from a neighboring home.

To reach Phone’s home, we had to know where the hidden entrance was and what restaurant it was behind. You and I would never let our children get near such a place, yet for these people this was home. It was in these miserable conditions that I saw how I am changing the world.

What God showed me is that changing the world starts with changing the life of one child. When I sponsor a child and you sponsor a child and our friends sponsor children, we make a difference throughout the community.

Children that had no hope, now have hope and an education. Families that had no hope, end up hearing about Jesus. Finding that hope in Jesus is key to change. Hope in Jesus is the lifeblood of changing our world and it has to begin with us.

Sponsoring a child is a journey of hope, change and relationships.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Melissa Moore is the host of The Melissa Moore Show, heard daily on almost 100 radio stations, including WAY-FM. She describes her radio show as a mix of great Christian music with real-life conversation. Melissa lives in Nashville with her husband, Bill, daughter, Aleksandra, and Hoover — the greatest dog ever.

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  1. Angie Kavert March 14, 2013

    This past October, I had the honor and joy to meet a boy my family sponsors and a girl our children’s ministry sponsors. My life has been forever changed by that experience. When I came back I sponsored 4 more kids. I can’t wait to meet the rest of the kids we sponsor some day! Thank you God for this amazing joy!

  2. Christian Meridian February 9, 2013

    Through Christ Anything Is Possible… (:

  3. Hope February 6, 2013

    We have sponsored a child for close to 2 years. It’s one of the most rewarding things that we have done. I wish that we could afford to sponsor another child or two but we can’t at this point. Hope, love and compassion is what we are able to provide. Thanks Melissa.

  4. Paula February 1, 2013

    Amen! I just began sponsoring a beautiful 10 year old girl from Rwanda on Dec. 1, 2012. I NEVER knew the joy she would bring to my heart! I am blessed to be her sponsor and am thrilled at the hope of changing just one life! God provides the way … always!

  5. Kim K. February 1, 2013

    “…changing the world starts with changing the life of one child.” This is so encouraging! Thank you for sharing this, Melissa.

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