A Day in the Life of a Child Development Center Accountant

Biplab Biplab has a very charming and loving personality. He is married with a son who is 5 years old. His wife is a teacher. Biplab has a very good sense of humor and knows how to be like a child when relating to children.

Children at the child development center love him and call him Biplab Kaku. (Kaku means “uncle” in Bengali) Though at times he can get angry, the children know how to bring him back to a good mood.

Biplab lives about two miles away from the development center and travels back and forth on bicycle every day. The center is right in the middle of a big open space surrounded by paddy fields. This is a rural setup where the vast majority of people lives in extreme poverty.

Houses made of mud walls with thatch and straw roofs are a common sight everywhere. Daily labor, rickshaw pulling,and cultivation are among the commonly available jobs in this region.

Children do not have proper education, as the schools often underachieve and parents lack exposure to the importance of education, often resulting in children dropping out of school early.

There are no good roads to the development center, except for one that is also half-pitched and half-muddy. Children walk through the cultivated land to get to the center. It takes 20-25 minutes. During the rainy season, it is very difficult to walk through the fields, as they remain mostly under water.

As an accountant at the center, Biplab’s main duties include writing vouchers and maintaining the cash book, ledger book, stock registers and other office registers.

Apart from that, he also has to monitor the children while they eat their morning meal to ensure they don’t waste food and that they are fully fed before leaving for school. Biplab also visits children in their classrooms once in a while to see if they are able to follow what is being taught by the caregivers.

If a child falls ill, he has to take the child for medication to the nearby medical facility. So, he has a fair mix of duties after the center manager.

Biplab feels that that his job is very important and requires a responsible commitment. For any organization, accounting is one of the primary tasks that requires a great deal of integrity.

“If I falter in my job, it will not only affect the center but also the lives of these little children.

Another important thing I have learned is patience. This job has taught me something even more; to remain faithful in God and to depend on him for every small thing. I have learned that ministry is not just preaching the word of God to adults but also advocating for poor children.”

When Biplab starts his work in the morning, he prioritizes his day’s tasks. It helps him to work in a rhythm and organize his work better. Biplab gets encouragement for what he does from his colleagues and the children here. There has never been a moment when he was left to handle pending work alone.

Once in the office, Biplab starts his day with prayer. Then, he usually finishes the bill- and voucher-related work first. Each month he also sits with the caregivers to distribute hygiene supplies to the children.

Sometimes, sponsors send large family and birthday gifts for the children. Biplab does the purchasing after consulting with the parents to find out what best suits the family’s needs. He also has to attend to the guardians when they come down to inquire how their children are performing.

In the morning Biplab has devotions for the children from 6:45-7:00. After that, children go to their respective classrooms along with their caregivers, and Biplab sits down with the kitchen staff to discuss replenishing food items before ordering further stock from the market.

Biplab has to enter the expense records into the vouchers, cash book, and ledger book, and also get the signature of the center manager on each one of them for approval.

Around 9 o’clock, Biplab oversees the children having their meals to make sure they are eating properly. After they leave for school, he has staff devotions from 9:30 until 10:15. After the devotion, caregivers are released for the day, and the center manager, social worker, and Biplab stay back for office work until 3 in the afternoon.

Occasionally, Biplab has to stay a little longer when the center has visitors from the Compassion office or during cultural get-togethers organized for the children.

Biplab says that the most frustrating experience as an accountant is when the debit and credit values on both sides of the ledger book and the bank reconciliation statement do not match at the month end and he has to start the calculations and the back calculations from scratch once again.

Biplab chose accounting because it is a difficult and challenging job, and he thrives under difficult situations. He take up every challenge in stride and gives his best to get the work done in the most accurate and flawless way.

“What really gives me great joy and satisfaction is when I am able to complete the reports on time and match both sides of the ledger columns in the accounting book at month end.”

He thanks you, sponsors of the children, for your generous support. Without your continuous prayers and faithful support, these children would remain in darkness. And with your relentless prayers and support, these children have received the light of love of God that otherwise may not have reached their hearts and their homes.

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  1. Heather October 12, 2008

    This man does an amazing job! Thank God for this man and using his abilites for God! 🙂

  2. Brianne Mullins October 10, 2008

    This was so encouraging to read! I love how the Lord entrusts His chosen children with such significant responsibilities. His trust in us and His ability to provide strength and wisdom to do the work He has appointed is so wonderful!

  3. Lisa Miles October 9, 2008

    This is a great look into the life of someone who plays an important role in a Compassion project. It’s wonderful to see the dedicated, committed Christians who are working with our kids.

    I love what it says about Biplab prioritizing his workday — and each workday is begun with prayer. What a great way to start the day. That’s a good example for all Christians.

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