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Compassion International Is Not a Child Sponsorship Organization

Child development If you find yourself calling Compassion a child sponsorship [3] organization, I have news for you. We are not a child sponsorship organization. We are a child development [4] organization.

And child development isn’t just child sponsorship.

Child development requires involvement. Involvement begins with a commitment and extends beyond dedication to perseverance. Child development is an investment — an investment of time for a lifetime.

All that child sponsorship involves is identifying people to make a pledge on behalf of a child.

Child development is dynamic. It changes as a child’s needs change. It’s personal, individualized and relational. And it’s tailored to ages, gender, health, cultures and family situations.

Child sponsorship is just a tool, and the tool is different from what the tool builds. Child sponsorship allows us to develop children. Child sponsorship allows you to do God’s work — to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Child development equips children today with the skills to succeed tomorrow. It’s long term. It doesn’t occur overnight — because children don’t grow up overnight. However, children do die at night. And they die during the day too.

Children die when they’re in the womb and in their mothers’ arms. Children die when they’re young and when they’re older, which means that child development requires child survival. If a child dies, there is no child to develop.

This is why we have our Child Survival Program, which is different from our Child Sponsorship Program, which is different from our Leadership Development Program, which is different from our Complementary Interventions.

Taken together, those four things are “how we do” what we do. They are how we develop the children we serve, the children you sponsor.

What we do is develop children. Compassion International is not just a child sponsorship organization. We are a child development organization.