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Google, Eat Your Heart Out

About six years ago Compassion’s headquarters moved to our current building. It’s waaay up north on the very edge of the Colorado Springs city limits. Back then there wasn’t much around. (Not so anymore, though. Colorado Springs is included on the list of fastest growing cities [3] in the U.S.!) But back when we first moved, we were in the boonies.

So with our remote location and not many lunch options, one of the exciting features of our new building was the New Delhi Café. Our own little onsite restaurant. It’s not quite up to Google level, but it offers a menu of hot breakfast and lunch dishes available daily for the 550+ staff who work in this building. It’s great!

But here’s where we got Google beat. Our executives do the cooking!

Okay … not all the time. But once a month a “celebrity” chef cooks us lunch — it’s the “Guest Chef” program.

I bet Larry Page and Sergey Brin have yet to don the apron and tall white hat and serve up lunch to their employees.

Little tip: If you’re hoping to land a position [4] here at Compassion, you might want to brush up on your culinary skills.