Helping Mothers and Babies Thrive

Losing a child and seeing your little one suffer are two of the most painful things a mom can face in life. This is why we are working with churches to provide care for mothers and babies through our Child Survival Program (CSP).

Pastor David Platt and a team from The Church at Brook Hills spent time with a group of Child Survival Program participants in India. The church team was particularly touched by the story of Bhanna, a woman who experienced the heartache of miscarriage and then the joy of motherhood after the intervention of our CSP workers. Pastor Platt relates this story,

“Bhanna began to weep as she described her despair. But it all changed when she was given the chance to be a part of the CSP. After getting pregnant again, she was introduced to the Child Survival Program and the case workers from the local church began to visit her, pray for her and give her encouragement. Bhanna received good education on prenatal care, how to eat nutritious meals, gather information on how to take care of the baby properly once it was born, and most importantly Bhanna heard about Christ.”

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Bhanna’s story wasn’t the only one to stir the hearts of the Brook Hills team. Another mother was told her baby probably wouldn’t live. But God had other plans. Pastor Platt goes on to share about this mom,

“She was pregnant, and various signs in her pregnancy indicated either that her baby would not live or that her baby would need extensive medical treatment. Consequently, two different hospitals in her area turned her away when she visited them. They said that her baby would require too much care, and they would not be able to help her. The Child Survival Program coordinators stepped in, offered her the help she needed, and not long thereafter this precious mom gave birth to a healthy baby girl…a baby girl that is alive and thriving today.”

See a video and read the rest of this story from The Global Initiative.

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  1. Michelle March 29, 2011


  2. Rebecca March 26, 2011

    Beautiful stories and beautiful pictures. The hands and feet of Christ in action…

  3. Mike Stephens March 25, 2011

    Thanks for sharing and especially the videos, often I think I’m the only person in the world!

    I Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for YOU!”

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